Financial Analysis of Macy’s Inc. and Nordstrom

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Fish sauce: Stay away or addicted.
Vietnam was created by the nature with S-shaped. One side of Vietnam is exposed to the sea; one side is exposed to mountain. However, millions of Vietnamese are using fish sauce in daily meals. Fish sauce is a very special product generated by Vietnamese. Vietnamese feels proud to create their special dishes such as “beef noodle” or “rice grill-pork”. However, fish sauce is the main key to create delicious Vietnamese foods, it make food more tasty and closely to Vietnamese. “Nuoc mam” is the name of the fish sauce, is very important part of Vietnamese culture. Vietnamese describes fish sauce as a secret weapon. By the way people mix it well with different ingredients, people will love it. Some foreign people feel uncomfortable when they smell the fish sauce, but they might love it later. Fish sauce contains image of Vietnamese. They might not have a good looking appearance, their personalities inside are more friendly, kindly to others people. Fish sauce is a long process, needs to undergo many complex stages before the final product is made. Fish sauce made by anchovy fish after carefully chosen. Fish should not be washed by salt, because they were washed by sea water. Fish were mixed well with salt in the crate. Based on how salty we want to eat, we can mix it with different ratio such as 10:4(ten pounds of fish with 2 pounds of salt) or 5:1. After 2-4 days, people will chase a small hole to let the fish sauce flow out and then they will put into the bottle and use it. After long time of being processed, fish sauce becomes likely Vietnamese people. They have strongly mind and spirit to survive in any place and any situation. In Vietnam, some people use fish sauce as a material to lose weight. They eat fish sauce with rice and some sesame seeds to limit the amount of cholesterol and reduce the fat in every single meal. Fish sauce has very low cholesterol and zero fat in one...
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