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Topics: Year, Financial aid, Columbia University Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: November 21, 2011
To: Augusta State University Financial Aid

Attn: Ms. Holmes

Re: Reinstatement of Financial Aid

To Whom this May Concern:

I am again requesting the reinstatement of my Financial Aid (Stafford Loan and/or Pell Grant) to complete my graduation requirements which consist of, 9 hours that I will complete in the Fall of 2009, with a completion of all standards for my degree program in December of 2009. Previously, I was unable to attain satisfactory academic progress which resulted in me exceeding the number of attempted hours that is required for my degree, which was the reason for my first appeal. My first appeal was approved for Summer 2009 and Fall 2009 semesters as long as I didn’t have any unsuccessful attempts (F, W, WF, etc), however, some personal issues this Summer interfered with my ability to remain focused on my educational goals and the particular class that I was taking. With these issues, and the rigorous course work of that particular 4000 level course, which can be very difficult to cram a course of such nature in a Summer semester, simply became too much for me to effectively handle at the time, which resulted in me having to Withdraw from that particular class after mid-term, which I recognize to be a violation of my first appeal. In June, my mothers’ sister, who had a major hand in raising me, suffered a stroke at the brain which resulted in near death. This took a toll on me, as well as my family, with me being the only reliable person who could actually spend days at the hospital, and be there for her rehabilitation. Also, during the midst of this, I lost my job, under un-fair circumstances, which was my only means of income for me, and my children.

I am not using these issues resulting from my personal problems as excuses, but merely they were influential in me finding that the best result for me at the time was to Withdraw from that particular class. This Withdrawal was after mid-term, due to the fact that I tried to...
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