Financial Accounting. Reporting Seminar

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Financial Accounting & Reporting Seminar
Spring 2010

Instructor:Office Hours (subject to adjustment):
Teresa GordonOffice Hours: W 8:30–11:00 AM
Albertsons Bldg. 118and T,W,Th 1:15 - 3:00 PM
885-8960or by appointment
Course web page:


Goal #1.Professional Accounting Knowledge - The MACCT students will acquire advanced accounting knowledge to prepare them for the accounting profession or further graduate work. -------------------------------------------------

Goal #2a Critical Thinking and Ethical Problem Solving. MACCT students will demonstrate critical thinking skills necessary for identifying and addressing complex situations in accounting-related areas including ethical dilemmas. -------------------------------------------------

Goal #2b Research Skills.  MACCT students will be able to locate appropriate information, apply the rules or standards to a set of facts, and make an appropriate recommendation regarding a course of action. -------------------------------------------------

Goal #3.Communication – MACCT students will enhance their ability to effectively communicate through oral presentations and professional writing assignments. -------------------------------------------------

Goal #4. Clarify purpose and perspective – MACCT students will have opportunities for experiential learning, relationship development and appreciation of global perspectives. -------------------------------------------------

Goal #5 Teamwork and Collaboration –MACCT students will have opportunities to enhance their ability to interact in teams. COURSE OBJECTIVES
Financial and management accounting are more closely linked in practice than one might expect from reading traditional textbooks and the problems to be resolved often have income tax and auditing consequences as well. This seminar is designed to provide you with opportunities to apply general concepts and principles learned in intermediate and advanced financial accounting courses to new economic transactions and business decisions. Cases will be used to permit you to practice the skills you will need as a professional accountant whether in public accounting or private industry. In particular, this course is intended to refine your skills in researching the professional accounting literature to solve particular accounting problems, to arrive at defensible solutions where GAAP is vague or nonexistent, and to present your research conclusions in a professional manner. You will have opportunities to present your work orally and in writing. REQUIRED MATERIALS:

A recent Intermediate Accounting text (Kieso used in Acct 315 & 414 would be fine)

A recent Advanced Accounting text (whatever was used in for Acct 415-515 would be fine)

On-line access to FASB’s ASC (accounting standards codification). The Department has purchase academic license so you can use the $850 “professional” version rather than the free version which has fewer bells and whistles. You can log on from but it will take you to where you enter User ID and Password:

User ID _____________________
Password _____________________

Other Course Materials are provided on the course webpage and you will probably want to print some or all of those files but the cost will just be paper or your UI student print allowance. More pages can be purchased when you run out. See the Help Desk. RECOMMENDED MATERIALS

Miller's Comprehensive GAAP Guide (or similar GAAP guide) may be helpful and easier to interpret (e.g., more examples).

Financial Accounting Objective Questions and Explanations, by Irvin N. Gleim and William A. Collins (Accounting...
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