Finance Plan

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Finance Plan
Kelly Messer
Venture Capital & Banking BUS 368
Prof. Amy Klesges
03, December 2012

My business idea is a cereal concept. This idea is a one-stop shop for a variety of cereal selections. This new business venture will include not only different types of cereals but also a variety of toppings for the cereals selection of choice. I will raise funds by applying for small business loans. Main start up goals will persuade vendors to give store credit, have market knowledge of the general area, and not tied up my funds in inventory. With a well financing plan in place business expectations will be accomplish based on historical results, trends, and overall product that are being put out.

The business name will be called Cereal to Go! A name that states the product “cereal” and the service “to Go”. There will still be enough room to facilitate customers if they choose to sit in and tap into are complementary wi-fi. The cereal companies have made improvements to their products nutrition towards youth. Stats from states annual cereal sales reached to 7.7 billion, and Annual boxes of cereal sold were 2.7 Billion in the U.S. I believe if I can tap into a quarter of the cereal market and place my shop in a key avenue of approach location, with a heavy customer potential. Once the store location is establish first time customers will be exposed to a variety of cereals taping into a quick childhood treat that they once loved.

With experiences in the field of logistics forecasting supply needs as the business grows will be fulfilled in a timely and organize manner. I believe 100% accountability of a business inventory is key for success; a strong managerial team leader will compose a plan to track items as they come in and go out, to insure inventory problems will not affect the business in its daily activities.

Ideally financial request will be at a minimum, only asking specific financing on major purchases for fulfilling business goals and to help produce a quality product. A second mortgage can be taking out on the company’s real estate additional funding is needed. Financial forecasts outline will be establish in detail showing a repayment plan for loans taken out. To inform financial intuitions for successful approval for future loans a detailed business plan will give loan officers and potential investors an insight of the business explaining what the company does and go into detail on how successful capital gains will be achieved. A plan of action will all so be included on how to gain a superior edge on local competitors.

All the choices in fast food market we are limited on what we can eat without added almost 1,000 calories into are diets. Cereal to Go is more than another fast food establishment, it a whole new concept of a quick meal or snack to go without dipping in to your budgets. Customers get to come in and choose from verity selections of their favorite brands of cereals, along with their bonus toppings a store clerk will be fill orders. Once cereal and topping selection is made the customers can top off their unique bowl with another verity of milk of their choosing just the way they did it when they were kids.

Cereal to Go! will provided a clean store and fast food concept. Each customer will receive a childhood snack filling satisfied with his or her product section. If the customer is not satisfied with his or her product section they and ask for a full refund or select another product. Customer satisfaction will be top priority. Leaders appointed will treat all employees with respect and together will achieve common store goals.

Cereal product selection is the backbone of Cereal to Go. Top cereal brands will have to be parched for supply and demand needs. As capital gains are made, transition from top cereal brands will be replaced by a lower cost generic cereal brand. By slowly changing brands profit gains will rise significantly. A detail...

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