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Topics: Financial ratios, Financial ratio, Revenue Pages: 29 (5359 words) Published: February 26, 2013

1. Introduction of Two Companies2
1. Introduction of MRCB2
2. Introduction of Spritzer Malaysia4

2. Computation of Asset Management and Profitability Ratio of MRCB5
1. Asset Management5
2. Profitability Ratio10

3. Computation of Asset Management and Profitability Ratio of Spritzer Malaysia15
1. Asset Management15
2. Profitability Ratio19

4. Analysis23
1. Analysis and Interpretation of Asset Management Ratios of MRCB & Spritzer Malaysia23
4.2Analysis and Interpretation of Profitability Ratios of MRCB & Spritzer Malaysia27

6.0 Attachment31

Clear description of the companies that covers the companies’ names, business activities, and business development. Relevant and adequate financial highlights were given.

1.0Introduction of Two Companies
1.1Introduction Company 1:


The Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (MRCB) is a property development and investment company. The Group is one of the largest developers of residential, commercial and industrial properties in Malaysia. Their long-standing policy is to elevate quality and innovations in lieu with market needs, as well as bringing quality living to all customers. They started in 1969, under the name Perak Carbide Sdn. Bhd., as their core activity was the manufacturing of carbide. In 1981, they became known as MRCB, following a 360º shift in operational interests to property development and investment. A decade and two years later, another new pursuit was added to the fold. New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad (NSTP) and Sistem Televisyen Malaysia Berhad (TV3) joined the family of MRCB, opening wide doors of opportunities into the print and electronic media industry. Though this arm later de-merged into a separate listed entity, it has successfully developed vital links of growth for MRCB. They have also diverged into power generation and power transmission activities, ICT solutions and services, property management, and even public services networks. Today, MRCB is a fully-integrated, multi-discipline company with proven expertise in civil and infrastructure development. Following a policy of differentiation, MRCB has launched large-scaled projects in the northern, southern, eastern and central regions of Peninsular Malaysia, with similarly extensive ventures across East Malaysia. Throughout the years, MRCB has been able to meet different challenges and opportunities, guided by well-defined objectives and strategies of the management. They pursue excellence by keeping their eyes and strengths on the present and future. They are gearing up to venture into more lucrative markets, whilst maintaining our commitment to building Malaysia. |Vision |

| |

In all their core businesses, they aim to produce world-class services to strengthen their corporate presence in strategic countries and markets. In so doing, they will dedicate all available resources for growth in the interest of our customers, employers, stakeholders and the various communities within their chosen countries of operations.    

|Mission |
|[pic] |

They commit their focus and their resources towards quality development and delivery of services in each of the market and community their operate in, to ultimately help support their economic growth. They pledge to continue building and sustaining a leading position in each of their core businesses, to subsequently enhance the quality of life through their projects and activities that are socially, culturally and environmentally responsible.

They promise to create shareholder value and uphold the principles of good corporate governance, integrity and honesty. They undertake the task of...
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