Finance Abstract

Topics: Stock, Investment, Bond Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: February 8, 2006

The first article I read was about retirement. The article reasserted a lot if not all the points we hit on during the semester. It basically covered three different areas of retirement that need to be looked at seriously. The first being social security, which most of us know is looking very dim as far as our generation is concerned. The second was benefit plans offered by employers. And last was the savings that people accumulate until their retirement.

The article basically tried to set these three things up as the three legged retirement stool. As one might expect they pointed out that social security and employee benefits are weakening. So in order to keep ourselves propped up we must rely more on our savings to carry us through retirement. We must learn to put more time and effort in to our investments in order to guide us through a financially secure retirement.

The information in this article was very helpful and informative. However, pretty much everything in this article had already been discussed in class so I had already heard and understood everything that was presented. The stuff that was presented about social security, employee benefits, and savings was standard fare as far as retirement discussions and articles are concerned. As well as the talk about developing and investing your retirement nest egg as soon as possible. But the sheer number of times people encounter these facts is obviously not enough because I personally know a lot of people that are reaching retirement and realizing that they may have to look for another job. So I think the more places people encounter it the better maybe they'll start acting upon it sooner rather than later.

The second article I read was about how to decide what stocks to invest in. The article also listed several stocks to invest in that the author thought were going to grow considerably in the next couple of months. The companies mentioned were International Gaming Technology, Avon...
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