Finance 310 Syllabus Spring 2015 1

Topics: Corporate finance, 1977, 1975 Pages: 5 (1116 words) Published: April 18, 2015
FIN 310- Corporate Finance- Spring 2015
Instructor:      Shoba Premkumar                                           Section:  B  MWF- 2.10- 3 pm Office:             3239 Gerdin                                                    Office Hours:  MWF- 10- 10.50 am   Phone:             294-7379   

Prerequisites:  Fin301                                                             EMail:  
Room :2134 Gerdin
Textbook: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 9th Edition; by Ross, Westerfield and Jordan; Case Book: Finance Online Case Library – Finance 310(Premkumar) Required Accessories: Financial Calculator – TI BA II+                                          Learning Outcomes: 

To build on the concepts learnt in Finance 301 and apply them to financial decision making To become familiar with the environment encountered by finance executives by analyzing case studies that simulate real world situations and developing strategies and solutions for those cases. To develop analytical and problem solving skills through extensive case analysis To develop oral and written communication skills through case presentation and report To develop inter-personal and group work skills through group case projects.  Cases: 

There are 8 case analyses in this course
Students will be randomly assigned to teams. Each team will analyze in-depth two cases. A written report will be required for one case and a class presentation for the second case. Class presentations should take approximately 30 minutes with another 15 minutes left for Question and Answer session. All students are required to be familiar with all the cases. There will be a quiz related to the case or current lecture topic in the last 15 minutes after case presentation. Each student needs to attend six case quizzes and four of your highest scores would be considered.  Grading: 

            Case report   15
            Case presentation                        15             Case/ Class quizzes                     15             Team Work15
Exam 120
             Finals                                         20 Extra Credit3% ( 1% extra for attendance and class participation)

Peer evaluation: Your final grade would depend on peer evaluation of your contribution to group work

 Responsibilities of the student: 
Students are expected to read the cases/chapters related to each class and come well prepared for class. Lectures will focus on major points outlined in the chapter. Case Reports and Presentations are due before the presentation begins. Teams need to email the electronic version of the presentation before the presentation and also provide a hard copy of the presentation with two slides per page. For written reports, a hard copy would be sufficient. Lecture notes would be posted on the course website. Additional materials could be incorporated during lectures, which may or may not be included in the slides. Bring your calculator to each class as we will be working out problems Full class participation during case presentations is expected from each student We will have quizzes on days you have case presentations relating to class/case material There will not be any make up for missed class quizzes and exams, except in rare instances where VALID reasons are provided prior to the quiz/exam.

Students with disabilities needing specific accommodations for the class should make this known to the instructor

General Guidelines for Case Analysis

The following would be general guidelines for case analysis. However, specific guidelines would be provided for each case to guide students to effectively address the case related questions.  
The case analysis report should be 4-5 pages of text. It can include other supporting materials such as tables, graphs, charts etc. You can use spreadsheet models for sensitivity or other analysis.. Read the case at least a couple of times and become...
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