Finally the Smoke Cleared and I Could See

Topics: Girl, The Wall, Normal space Pages: 3 (1109 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Majbritt Dietrich 24/2/13 composition starting with “Finally the smoke cleared and I could see”

Finally the smoke cleared and I could see what I think I’ve been looking for, for five years… I saw a small, abandoned house, which was run down and you could see dead ivy along the tattered walls. It was a little haunting but I promised myself and my sister in law I would help find my two nieces that had made a giant mistake five years ago… He drove out here, into the middle of no where and just dropped his two daughters off in this house and left them to live by themselves, they were no older than 3 years old… He then just left and kept on driving, I’m guessing this was all planned as he then drove into a big truck at least twice the size of his car, and killed himself. We all were devastated.

I walked into the house, not knowing what would expect me, I looked around and heard a noise. I stood completely still not even daring to breathe. I heard it again, it was like a soft whispering noise, I moved my shaking head, to see patterns developing on the wall, I was totally confused. A little girl peeped her head around the old wall and ran to attack me. I knew it was one of my nieces. The first thing I had noticed was she obviously hadn’t developed the way a normal girl her age would have. I called the police and managed to stutter the address.

During the mean time I was studying the forever changing patterns on the wall. The two girls were running their hands along the wall as if the wall was a person. It was worrying me. I took pictures with my phone but when I went to look at them, the patterns that were on the wall had kind of disappeared…as if it were a ghost or a spirit, perhaps a soul stuck in the house? Either way it was scaring me.

The police took a while; as the house was very difficult to find. It did take me five whole years to find it. But when the police finally were...
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