Final Year Project

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Final Year
Project Proposal

Wireless Human Health Online Monitor


This project creates a portable device implementing wireless technology and taking full advantage of the wide-spreading Internet to provide a convenient solution to monitor human health. The health information acquired on the portable side transmits to the server wirelessly and can be accessed all over the Internet in real-time. The end product turned out to be very portable and the wireless connection is responsive and solid. A significant number of possible further implementations can be developed with minor effort based on this project. Eventually, this project provides a low-price, easy-access human health monitor solution bridging the gaps between patients and doctors.

A wireless communication network has numerous advantages, not least the mobility of the devices within the network. It is a simple matter to relocate a communicating device, and no additional cost of rewiring and excessive downtime is associated with such a move. It is also a simple matter to add in a communication device to the network or remove one from the network without any disruption to the remainder of the system. Other than the initial outlay on setting up a wireless network, the cost of running and maintaining it is minimal. These factors show the appeal of wireless technology for the home and office environment

Components of Project

The hardware of the project can be primarily divided into two major terminals as stated in the previous sections. One is the portable terminal and the other one is the server terminal. As far as the hardware goes, the portable terminal can be further divided into the measurement circuit and the processing component. The server terminal's hardware is very simple with only the wireless receiver. The following sections give a better understanding of the hardware for the project...
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