Final Year Project

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Table of Contents

Part I : Introduction

1.1Overview 3
1.2Project Objectives & Goals 4
1.3Target User 5
1.4Project Scope & Concept 5
1.5Gantt Chart 6
1.6Division of Work 7

Part II : Background Study

2.1 Primary Study 9
2.2 Hardware Software & Tools Involved 11
2.3 Suggestion from Supervisor 14

Part III : Proposed Solution

3.1 Problem Statement
3.2 Future Works

Part IV : Findings

4.1 Conclusion



1.1 Overview

Our project is called Automatic Clothes Line (ACL). ACL is built using both hardware and software. Pre-programmed PIC microcontroller board is used to control the hardware. Two types of censor are used in this project namely light censor and water censor.

The prototype consist a heat sensor which when triggered would activate the motor on the clothesline. The motor would then move the clothesline's rods along the railing to the outside of the house. The timer on the motor would be set accordingly to the length of the railing. There will be a switch on the motor to pull the rods back into the house when needed.

1.2 Project Objectives & Goals

Our main objective for this project is to design and produce a home equipment to make jobs at home a bit easier. Hence we have come up with the idea of an automatic clothesline. With the prototype fitted at homes, residents would not need to worry about leaving their clothes to dry on the clothesline at any time.

1.3 Target Users

Automatic clothesline is designed to assist certain individuals with house chores. Our main targets are working individuals. As they would have limited time, our product would make their life easier. With our product, they would be able to hang and leave their clothes on the clothesline whenever they wish without any hassle and worries.

Automatic clothesline would be suitable for any homes, provided that they have sufficient space for the system to be fitted. Terrace house would be the most ideal.

1.4 Project Scope & Concept

This project intended to cover a range of electronic and hardware which cover some basic skills for engineering.

1.5 Gantt Chart



Project title discussion
Submission of proposal
Interim report and presentation preparation
Hardware development
Completion of project
Presentation and draft report
Submission of Final Report

Preparing Project Proposalx
Background Studyxxx
Meeting Minutesx
Project Expansionxxx
Search of Expansionxxx
Gantt Chartxxx
Data Flow Diagramxxx
Entity Relationship Diagramxxx
Screen Capturexxx
Progress Reportxxx
System Testingxxx
Final Reportxxx
Presentation & Demoxxx
1.6 Division of Work


Background Study/Literature Search

Operation of Each Part of the Block Diagram


Water sensor & light sensor acts as switches. They send signals to the PIC, which in turn send on and off signals to the motor. Water sensor used to detect rain whereas light sensor is used to detect light. Whenever the sensors sense water or light, they will send the ‘on' signals.


When there is an input to the sensors, the PIC will receive a signal and it will carry out the functions that are pre-programmed in the PIC. These programs are set to move the motor for a specific period, which is the same case for forward and reverse.


The motor will function as soon as it receives a signal from the PIC. The motor is used to move the clothesline out of or into the protected area.

System flow diagram of Automatic Clothesline...
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