Final Strategy of Nestle

Topics: Marketing, Vevey, Nestlé Pages: 3 (822 words) Published: July 22, 2011
      Nestle is one of the world’s number one food company since their beginning in 1866 when they started in Vevey Switzerland. They are also one of the largest food businesses comprising of almost 500 factories and more than 250,000 workers all over the world. Nestle has been accepted with their bestselling products including Milo, Nido, Bear Brand, Nestea, Neslac, Nestogen, Nescafe etc. these products has been passed on through generations. It has been a product of tradition that passed on until today; it is a product of hereditary choice.       Their products are regarded as one of the most suitable food that is highly recommended for the whole family. Nescafe has been a part of staple food among nations, The Milo tonic food drink and Bear brand carries their flagship products that even sports enthusiast will love. This has become an energy giving food that supplies a well rounded personality and nutritious value for children and adults alike. Undoubtedly their products have demonstrated unprecedented market dominance and successful strategic marketing practices that has been envied and imitated by other large corporation that has always been their competition. And this has been their open secret of success.        The distribution strategy integration throughout the world has become their most sustainable marketing arm that caters entirely to its original market. This distribution system covers the entire world that should be regulated and maximize to have an equal share or according to their market responses, that is why the distribution strategy has become very successful and accurately achieved, this means that no amount of products will be left in bad orders or expiration.        Their Advertising and promotional practices using all media has been very well thought off and planned to create a strong motivating desire for customers to buy their products, their market shares grow as much as ninety percent (90) to the world....
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