Final Strategic Planning

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Final Strategic Plan and Presentation
Shannon Schildknecht
June 6, 2013
Melvin Brown

Final Strategic Plan and Presentation
In any business, there are strategies in place to make sure the business is a success. This is how Healthy Happy BOW WOW plans to run and execute plans for success. This company is in the process of creating a product unlike any other on the market. Our objective is to do as much research as needed to create this product for dogs so that they can live healthier, happier lives. To do this, the company has made sure to begin with hiring the best possible people to do the jobs required at Happy Healthy BOW WOW. This means scientists, researchers, properly trained maintenance and clean-up crew, analysts, and people just to run day-to-day operations. The company will also hire a marketing team when it is getting ready to launch to make sure the product team markets it properly before final launch to get the information to the public. In the meantime, one strategy the company plans to use is the media. The company will give tours of the facility safely and show the research being performed and how clean and state of the art the facility is. All of this is free advertising that the company needs because of such a high cost of the research and facility. Another strategy the company plans to use and is in the process of doing is reaching out to get research money from the government and other entities to help fund the project. The company is receiving government funds shortly and plans on putting them directly into research as directed in the grant. The company is also working closely with other agencies for non-profit such as the ASPCA to raise funds for further research. In turn, the company will be donating many products for the ASPCA to use on animals they rescue. The company also wants to donate and pair with local and eventually nationwide animal shelters to help animals in need because this is the company’s top priority. To help make dogs healthy, and a healthy well taken care of dog is a happy dog. This is also a way to use the media because if the company receives a lot of camera time of all the good work it is doing to help animals it will help boost sales. In addition, this will get the product out to other main companies such a Purina, Iams, and PetCo. These are all great companies with good reputations that Happy Healthy BOW WOW plans to team with in the future. If the company receives donations from some of these types of companies with a plan to integrate it will make the company very sound to the public very quickly. This is because they are companies that people in the community trust and respect. Another strategic sound plan for gaining more access to funds for research is to begin to develop and take the product a step further. Happy Healthy BOW WOW wants to start by making the product for all types of pets not just dogs. It will branch off and form two different subsidiaries. One will be for research for other small animals such as cats, birds, rabbits, etc. The other has plans to be a research facility for a larger base of customers such as commercial farmers. This will take the company to a completely new level. This is not something that is going to happen immediately, but is in the strategic planning stage for the future for the company to grow and expand and to continue to receive more funding for the government and other agencies. To make sure the company is getting the word out to the public in the right way it will involve a few tactics. It will get with some of these companies and have survey made that people will receive with a product from one of the companies. This will have an incentive such as getting a coupon off the next product for filling out the survey. The company will handle this process to keep the price of this promotion a little lower that if another company was to handle it. The company also has representative that will go around to different...

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