final strategic plan

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MGT/498 Week 5 Project

Final Strategic Plan


Riordan Manufacturing recognizes the fact that they are an industry leader in plastic injection molding and supplier of plastic medical devices. Riordan also recognizes that they are not progressing in the industry as they would like. Recognizing the need to create better value products which will increase sales is the first step in this plan for sustainability. Riordan needs to obtain new customers. In order to do this, they must predict customer needs, become familiar with global changes, create better relationships, and secure sustainability. Gaining a competitive edge by utilizing newer technology will help reduce costs. After a closer look at the structure of Riordan, it is believed that several shortfalls exist between the relationship of goals and reality. Riordan is urged to consider the following strategic plan which outlines structure, plan goals, implementation, and evaluation.

Riordan’s Manufacturing History and Leadership Overview
Riordan Manufacturing is a state-of-the-art plastic industrial company that specializes in plastic injection molding and innovative designs of plastic products and packaging. Because of their progressive thinking and innovative products, Riordan’s has now established a reputation as one of the world’s leading plastic manufacturers as this global enterprise now employs over 500 employees worldwide (University of Phoenix, 2012). In 2000, Riordan’s manufacturing undertook major expansion efforts and because of those efforts, you can now find Riordan’s in places, such as Georgia, Michigan, San Jose California, (headquarters), and China (one of many several countries Riordan’s have expanded to). Riordan’s mission is to leverage current and future innovative technology so their organization can 1) Maintain their reputation as one of the world’s leaders in plastic manufacturers. 2) Continue to provide their consistently growing consumer base (current and future) with state-of-the-art plastic products and solutions. From a manufacturing perspective, Riordan’s is an ISO 9000 accredited organization that manages their entire organization through the Six Sigma quality management approach (Tavangaran, 1999). Riordan’s uses the Six Sigma to a) streamline their daily operations, b) improve their manufacturing process and make it more efficient, c) maintain a positive public perception and relations, d) cut costs by reducing or eliminating defects in their products or services to their consumers. Leadership Overview

Riordan’s founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) believes that Riordan should always maintain a high level of diversity and positive reputation for taking good care of their employees and consumers. The CEO of Riordan wants the managers of his organization to motivate his or her employees (through career development programs, pay for performance reward systems, etc.) so that Riordan can sustain a high employee retention rate. To carry out this mission and many others, Riordan’s CEO has implemented a strong leadership structure that includes: Senior Vice President of Riordan’s Research and Development (Kenneth Collins): This individual is responsible for conducting the research that helps Riordan’s manufacturing teams create their innovative plastic products. This individual is also responsible for ensuring the proper implementing of the Six Sigma quality management approach. Operations Officer (Mark Neitzel): This individual main responsibility is to improve the job design process so that Riordan’s can continue to operate at a high level of efficiency. Sales & Marketing Manager (Charles Lacy): This individual is responsible for Riordan’s sales and marketing process, as well as any compensation for performance reward programs. Director of Human Resources (Yvonne McMillan): Assists with the hiring and survey process at Riordan’s. Also ensure that...

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