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Gillette has been the worldwide market leader as a strong brand in safety razors and blades since 1903. The firm has been dominated in the market for a long time and in a complete aspect. The company wanted to wide its product line range, gain great customer relationship values and high market share by entering into men’s toiletries industry where also many global firms such as P&G, Colgate, and Unilever extremely compete. After the gaining the control of ‘disposable razors’ from French firm BIC by differentiating the razor concept into a better quality, high satisfaction long last product, the razor market was in the hands of innovative and unique strategy outcome: “Sensor.” The success of the Sensor created another strategy of tying Sensor closely with the 14 men toiletries; “Gillette Series”. R&D investments, test trials, operational arrangements had cost millions. The main problems were; a) not to have a strong position in the consumers’ mind as Gillette Series whereas Sensor has name recognition and popularity b) tying Sensor to Gillette Series could not be associated in the same brand personality and position due to different brand name usage. In this case study, it will be clarified how the Gillette Series being positioned in variety of aspects, can its Sensor been used within the best brand equity purposes or not and what could be the possible strategies for Gillette to its major problems.

Gillette Series Positioning
The firm Gillette has gained the competitive advantage of its Sensor razor by improving its technology within three attributes; closeness-comfort& safety and became innovative and unique in its competitive industry. High quality, aims to be better and gives the message of ‘Looking good, feeling good’ not only for the razor component but also to create the focus ‘The best a man get’ image on customers’ mind. Strong positioning by Gillette Sensor can be leveraged also by the Gillette Series by implementing the idea of differentiate itself from the competitors and relate it to constantly innovative developments by referring to Sensor’s closer shave competency. Also using the same pattern of image on packaging; silver& blue, has black lines match the sides of the Sensor handle which creates a certain amount of customer awareness and product image by connectivity of both lines. ‘Cool Wave’, the general fragrance for the 14 toiletries also contributes attributes. The Emerald’s cross consumer values, needs and purchases chart shows each step that the customer values to be perceived and delivered by the ‘Gillette Series’.

Gillette’s target market is not only price sensitive but also concerns about availability in stores, product attributes; fragrance, antiseptic usage, additional features such as color or content, safety, comfort. Gillette Series claim that with a slightly higher price, customers purchase a product that takes an absolute care of buyers’ skin. Executive men, who are in the age group between 35-50 are traditionalist who concerns of the quality and the outcomes of the product. Their preferences of brands are the strong and complete ones which are being stable in the market for a long time. And younger generation age group between 16-35 who are willing to experiment new and more concern of their outlook than the effects of the products. Style and social environment feedbacks are important; therefore their preferences are highly advertised and popular products. ‘The Best a man can get’ theme creates the image of gaining a high quality for innovative Gillette Series. The company offers high quality in the market with a high price hoping that the prudent buyer with middle or high incomes after using their products could...

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