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Topics: Project management, Management, Project team Pages: 6 (1724 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Pravda Vodka Lounge Renovation Project

Prepared by: Gursharn Singh, Lisa Mohabir, Joe Brenya, Dorilda Sllogu, Sofia Sarkissova

For Professor Taft Mcfetridge


Executive Summary

The report provided below consists of analyzing the four management functions of management within the renovation project at Pravda vodka lounge. The renovation project was originally scheduled to be completed in three months but exceeded that time frame extending the project to be finished in one year. The work was done by various contractors each with a specific role in the undertaking. This provided ability to choose from a wide variety of designs and styles of products as the budget allowed for this. While this was a positive effect of utilizing assorted companies, the adverse effect was the hardship in maintaining consistent communication, organization, and efficiency. Contractors worked at their stations, focusing solely on their task, disregarding any other aspect of the project. Timeliness was not a priority to the contractors as there was a lack of consideration for the daily goals as long as their portion was complete. The delays in shipping of materials made things even harder to co-ordinate. The manager of the project went beyond doing her due diligence and strived with passion to create a flow and balance of the workers, but this came with a great deal of stress initially. She provided the employees with the tools and atmosphere needed to carry out their job. The manager was constantly available on and off work hours to aid in any way needed. The project never went according to schedule as delays in shipments of materials along with poor comprehension skills of the workers made this impossible, but the deduction that alternative managerial strategies were needed to promote efficiency of the employees was realized before it was too late and the project was therefore a success.

The purpose of this report is to gain a further understanding of the positive and negative effects of the management style used to achieve the goal of the project. To understand and learn from the perspective of a manager how to achieve desired results of employees through planning, leading, organizing and controlling skills.

Description of the company
Pravda lounge and restaurant is a Russian themed venue located in the heart of downtown Toronto. It was founded eight years ago as a Russian vodka bar and has now evolved into the only themed vodka bar as well as a fully serviced restaurant in Toronto. The interior décor follows a Russian theme headed by a large statue of Vladimir Lenin upon entrance. The wallpaper, carpets, couches, are all various shades of red and are accompanied by portraits of communist leaders as well as Russian propaganda posters. Pravda’s motto is “We’re here to not only serve you vodka, but provide you with an experience”.

Description of project
Pravda decided to undergo a major renovation of their second floor in 2012, to give the restaurant a fresh look and introduce an exciting new concept to excite long term clientele and provoke newcomers. The project began in May 2012, and was completed in January 2013. The project manager was Stephanie Townsend along with her designer Lana Macintosh and a total number of about twelve contractors.

Project Manager
The project manager in charge was Stephanie Townsend, her business card is attached.

Organizing Function Analysis
The renovation project of Pravda Vodka Bar was completed by a team that was leading by Stephanie Townsend (project manager). Along with her was designer Lana Macintosh, manager’s brother Robert Townsend, who is subcontractor and 11 other team members such as electricians, freezer installer, glass installer system sound installer, painters etc. Stephanie had created a core team who remained fully involved throughout the project. All the team members had the skills and experiences for their work....
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