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Final Reflection and Pdp

By billionheir2011 Jan 08, 2012 1286 Words
Final Reflection and PDP

This reflection paper reflects on themy current performance in regards to study skills. during this first seminar in study skills. This and will demonstrate themy awareness of my learning abilities. Where study skills are concerned, With study skills I've realised that its is important to understand, where you stand in the type of learner you are, how each the different learning skills preferred by indivudals enables individual prefers learn to enable pupils to share their learning experience, for example I may not be a auditory learner and someone else may be a visual learner, so we both can share are experiences of the way each person learns.

During these past few months, in both lecturesr and seminar sessions, I've been exposed to discovered various learning styles which hashave enabled me to understandfind out exactly what the type of learner I am. I discovered that Tthere are a number of websites which can aidhelp to figure out in ascertaining the type of learner you are. what sort of learner you are. I conducted several researchresearch by looking up on the websites to figure out what type of learner I was, and I found out that I was an auditory learner. An auditory learner, this defines is a person which who learns best by listening. HoweverDuring my time at University, I' have come across varioues students at GSM doing theon my same course, with different forms of learning styles, includingeither a Visual, KinestheticKinaesthetic, Read and Write, and of course an Auditory learners.

From my understanding of being aAn independent learner defines, being is an individual who learns and studiesy for him e or herself, making decisions which will benefit them you as an individual and improve their learning needs, and, as student at a higher level form of education, to become most importantly self-motivated. I believe the most important attributesaims to becoming a successful learner and achieving the best toof your ability areis by the following:


By setting your own aims and objectives, as well as being responsible for your own learning and also setting out challenges and meeting goals.

2.Managing Time

Managing Learning how to balance your studies with yourto social life is one of the most important strategiesy to becoming an independent learner., tThis is because, althoughdespite as much as everyone enjoys to having e their a social life, there needs to be a balance between an individual’s studies and social life as failing to do so can lead to failure.should be monitored before being distracted by studies and social life, if not this could lead to failure to the course.( Moreover, to also understand how you learn best can determine how to revise and study for a particular work.)-dnt know what you trying to say.


Developing on your ability to reflect on your progress, through feedback, enables you determines in which you reflect on every feedback given, to sustain you, to improve better your progress within the course. This pushes you to work harder and correctimprove in any errors which had been made., its It is equally important to keep a record of any kind of feedback or progress from tutors/peers are kept so that as it can inform you the student what stage of progress you are at. During the semester, how I have performed?

I believe during Within the topic of study skill this semester, I think I would rate myself average in regardsdue to the way I have performed. during this semester, tThis is because I' have come across some difficulties to in some of the assignments which have been set within theis seminar classes. What changes have you identified?

In my last Due to my last assignment I failed to achieve the grade I wished to. In my initial reflection based on the initial reflection, was the first assignment which was set from study skills, and turn out to under achieve a pass, however this has allowed me to I recognised bmy mistakes and errors. This which had been made to enabled me to work on the things which I need to improve on. I learnt that I needed What I have recognised is to work more on my structuring, focusing more on identifying my real weaknesses which I have in order to improve on for the next semesters. ( expand more on this …..........................) What I learned so far during the semester?

-The things you have improved on
-Your weaknesses…i.e. how you write, whether you have good time management etc.

What parts of learning, study and assignment are causing me difficulties? One particular assignment which has caused me difficulties would be the written report., tThis is mainly because, there was not't any sort of guidelines to help us, structure out our report, which would have been useful to us, and would have to given us some format of what to write., uUnlike with the other modules, where there are is more support with most of the assignments set and there are classes which canould be attended to help with any difficulties, which we may and I believe with study skills it is more harsh and more to do with more independent learning and doing it on your own, and using ourare own initiative to see whether we understand what goes on in the real world of business. ( expand more on this …..........) How can I reflect upon what I am learning or doing and so improve what I do? One of the most important elements to achieving success is In order to succeed, one of the most important element is achievement refers to active involvement in your learning. A very important aspect of a Active learning is the ability to reflect on your work and see whether you are I'm answering the questions properly. When reflecting on my work, I need to consider, how to be responsible I feel for my own learning, how good Ito identify, setting achievable goals and how to be as well as being an active learner. I believe I definitely need to work on all of these to improve in all my assignment set. One way I can start of by reflecting upon what I am learning is by first, understanding how I learn. For example, I prefer to learn through listening and by noticing the type of learner I am would determine my motivation towards my studies. thus I can plan my studies based on this.

Finally due to your current performance level and development changes, would you make for the next 4 semesters of your course? I have discovered that I need to make changes in regards to my time management. This is because I find myself procrastinating regularly, for example, leaving assignments to the last minute. I have noticed that this does not help as it means that my work is submitted late and not much effort goes into my assignments. To deal with this I have realised that I need to create sub goals, which are easier to complete, in order to get my assignments done earlier. One way in which I would need to developmake changes in, is by finding myself sometimes procrastinating regularly, when leaving assignment to the last minute, really doesn't help in situations like things when submitting work late or not putting that much effort into your assignments. But I've identified that because I don’t chunk assignments into smaller bits and create sub goals, it doesn't allow me to finish on time, but since procrastinating really leads to failure, things has to change through out the rest of the next semesters. ( expand more on this …..........)

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