Final: Project Management and Information

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Case Study Final

Chapter 1
Business 2.0: Bad Business Decisions
Case Study 1
1. Explain why understanding information technology and management information systems can help you achieve business success-or more importantly, help you avoid business disasters-regardless of your major? Understanding Information technology and management information systems are vital for the success or more importantly, help you avoid business disasters because information technology is most useful when it leverages the talent of people. The right people have to know how to use the information technology in order for it to be successful. Also to prevent the happenings an individual must also understand Management information systems because it is the knowledge of knowing the data, information, and business intelligence. Understanding this information will make the system and its process much clearer to understand to make business decisions. It does not matter the major because eventually everyone takes part of an information system. Chapter 2

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Grand Challenge
Case Study 1
1. How is DOD using AI to improve its operations and save lives? DOD is using Artificial Intelligence because it is providing an incentive for individuals to build autonomous systems with artificial intelligence. It also realized that the first attempt was too difficult, so they changed the course. Which provided information that the vehicles can travel long distance across difficult terrain at military relevant speed. The way it saves lives it is by making these vehicles go into territories in which a regular vehicle can’t go into. The bomb squad can use the vehicles to locate bombs. The vehicles will also prevent accidents on the road. 2. Why would the DOD use an event such as the DARPA Grand Challenge, to further technological innovation? It uses the challenge because it gives a hefty incentive, with the $2 million dollars. It also makes it fun for individuals that like to compete. It also gives every inventor to see what others are doing and give them ideas for there own AI vehicles. 3. Describe how autonomous vehicles could be used by organizations around the world to improve business efficiency and effectiveness. Autonomous vehicles can improve efficiency because no one would have to rest. In other words the cars would run all day and night. It would also be effective because it would not violate laws and reduce costs. 4. The Ansari X is another technological innovation competition focusing on spacecraft. To win the $10 million Ansari X prize, a private spacecraft had to be the first to carry the weight equivalent of three people to an altitude of 62.14 miles twice within two weeks. SpaceShipOne, a privately built spacecraft, won the $10 million Ansari X prize on October 4, 2004. Describe the potential business impacts of the Ansari X competition. The impact would do wonders because it would make travel more efficient for businesses. The businesses would be able to receive inventory faster and provide quick shipping. It will also make airplanes irrelevant and driving vehicles short distances. Chapter 3

Case 2
1. What other ways could you use the Internet to raise money? There are so many ways to make money on the Internet these days. I would take the idea of the one million dollar homepage and make it local. I would have a local homepage for each city. In Fresno, there are over one million businesses I would believe that a website similar would be successful. The most common way is advertise space on website is a great way to generate money. 2. What types of businesses could benefit from trading on the Internet? I believe that every business can benefit from trading. If business want a better deal or to barter they can post it on their website. If once posted, others can make offers of what they want to trade for what is posted. A business can benefit...
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