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Information System Proposal for Widget Corp.
Thomas Edison State College
Proposal for Widget Corp
Widget Corp., a Miami-based, 200 employee, organization has selected Miami IT Consultants to assess the organization’s information technology and informational system needs. Widget Corp. has experienced an increase in sales of 25% over the last year and has planned to update their IT needs to meet demand. The primary goal of the organization is to increase productivity by automating business processes in both their Accounting and Human Resources departments. In addition, Widget Corp. has expressed interest in optimizing internet connectivity and harness the power of the World Wide Web to expand business operations. The following report will outline Miami It Consultant’s analysis of information technology, information system and internet connectivity analysis. The report will outline recommendations in hardware, including input, output and storage devices; software recommendations, including operating system and software updates. Additional recommendations based on assessed organizational needs are reported as such. In addition, the report will include a clear cost analysis for each component and recommendation made herein. Analysis

Widget Corp. employs 200-202 employees at any given time, including on-site IT department, consisting of five members. Due to increased sales in the past year, the organization is planning to expand operations by 15% over the next year, including the recruitment and hiring of new organizational members. Currently, Widget Corp.’s information system and internet connectivity include the following hardware: 206 Computer Workstations, consisting of a monitor, keyboard, mouse and tower One Server (including corresponding keyboard and mouse)

One backup tape driver/system
T1 internet connection
VOIP telephone system
1 Network Large Capacity B/W Printer and Scanner
2 Network B/W Printers
1 Network color Printer
2 Private...
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