Final Project Community Corrections

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Final Project Community Corrections

Introduction to criminal court system

Community corrections are programs that take place outside of jail and prison. They are pretty much what parole and probation are. People on these programs are closely watched to ensure they are fallowing the program. Community corrections are funded by the state, the state and county probation agencies work together on running and organizing them.

Community corrections can have an effect on society in several ways. Some of the effects can be good for society and some can be bad. One bad effect that can be a problem is when a person on parole decides not to follow the rules of the program and returns to breaking the law. This can put members of society at risk of falling victim to crimes that could have been prevented had the inmate not been offered a chance at parole. A good thing that can come from it is the coast of having to house, feed, rehabilitate, and care for criminals goes down for jails and prisons do to community correction programs. This saves the prisons tons of money not having to take care of these inmates. It also helps to prevent prison overcrowding and society is not hit for the taxes.

My hypothesis about community corrections and their overall effectiveness within the correctional system would be that they have the ability to help and hurt society. I think as far as probation and parole it’s a great opportunity for juveniles to have a second chance for a bad decision they maid. I feel most adults should have a good concept of right and wrong. So I lean toward not thinking community corrections is a great choice for adults. Other than helping the prisons and jails keep cost, overcrowding, and taxes down which is good I would rather see adults stay behind bars. I feel when an inmate is given a chance at parole or probation that should be it, one chance. If they go back to crime they had their shot.

I would recommend implementing each person one...
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