Final Project

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Running Head: Information Technology Final Project 1

Final Project
GeekGuru, Inc. Research Report
Sumaa Faizy
Thomas Edison State College

GeekGuru, Inc. Research Faizy 2

GeekGuru, Inc. is a new company that was established in 2012 specializing in mobile applications and consulting services. GeekGuru, Inc. provides remote services for trouble shooting and training clients to effectively use Windows and Apple products. The company is competing with other founded and newly founded IT consulting institutions in Atlanta, Georgia. This company was founded by brother and after doing a brief internship there, I realized my passion for Information Technology. I choose to do my final project on this company and focus on their Learning Management Systems.

GeekGuru, Inc. was created to exceed business expectations by introducing information technology. The Learning Management Systems is one division of services provided by the company where employees are outsourced to train clients and their employees to use software developing tools and business analytical tools successfully. To do this project, I will seek resources onsite and also research the software they use to launch their Learning Management Systems. To find written resources, I will make a list of the most used software used then research on those separately to create my research report.

In final consideration, this final project will identify GeekGuru, Inc as an information technology consulting service using remote and onsite consultation to better productivity and develop cost effective software inclusive of training clients. By having the headquarters readily available, I will interview IT managers and developers to establish necessary software products.

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application and web based GeekGuru, Inc. Faizy 3

technology used to plan and implement a certain learning process. The over all purpose of a learning management system is to allow the instructor to present content to their business employees and also track their progress by assessing their performance. These systems also have threaded discussions that allow active participation and peer support along with forums and videos. GeekGuru, Inc. abides by a standard called Shareable Content Object Reference Model or SCORM to initiate the standardization of their learning management system.

SCORM is a guided set of technical standards for e-learning software products. SCORM directs programmers how to write their code so that it can be compatible with other e-learning software. SCORM is the most effective industry standard for e-learning interoperability. SCORM ultimately dictates how online learning content and Learning Management Systems (LMSs) interact with each other successfully.

GeekGuru, Inc. is very proud of their innovative learning management systems. They have created flexible and customized solutions designed to support any learning strategy. Companies have turned to GeekGuru, Inc. for their business learning processes from getting a better hold of risk management through better understanding, promoting learning and migration to updated technology and the development of critical thinking and analytical skills. With their custom learning management systems, users are able to add advanced social tools to encourage participation at the learning progress of their employees to help driving a more polished learning agility and giving the necessary information instantly. GeekGuru, Inc. Faizy 4

There are many fundamental features of the learning management systems designed by GeekGuru, Inc. Firstly, they have a very broad range of choices when deciding about the content. This may include prepackaged libraries, learner contributed content, recordings and content development tools. They also offer virtual learning that allows users to learn in a classroom setting and promotes...

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