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 My Moral and Ethical Development 1

My Ethical Autobiography
Kathy Patacsil
Ethics and Legal Issues
Walden University

My Ethical Autobiography

My life has been ever changing and very eventful with constant feelings of vulnerability. I was brought up in a very Irish Catholic family number eight of ten kids. My parents are both 100% Irish and migrated here in the 1950’s to begin to live the American dream. My mom was 17 and my dad 19 with their first child on the way. My mom was basically a child but she put on her brave face for my dad and traveled to New York City with my dad leaving her family behind. Together they began their journey to the new world to begin their life. I believe this experience helped shaped my fundamental feeling of choice, freedom of speech, and controlling your destiny with the choices you make. I believe your destiny is not randomly predetermined, nothing is predetermined, you learn from the choices you make, which help guide you through life. I have not always made the best choices, yet I have taken advantage of the lessons learned, used them as a learning experience, which has allowed me to experience the life I have. My parents instilled in all their children the freedom to be whom they want but to always work hard, be generous and be grateful for all the gifts you are given. My parents are simple people who believe in family, faith and love. Growing up in a family where each meal we had to take a turn at sharing our day and what we had on our plate each week was supportive and yet some times leaves you vulnerable to what my sibling may say about my choices in life. We were a very open family and our neighborhood was all family; aunts, uncles and cousins. My parents both came from large families as well and each sibling of theirs eventually came over to New York to live the dream. We never lost our roots every summer was spent in Ireland with extended family; I was surrounded by family most of my life. My first experience on my own was in college. When I went to college to live on campus, it was the first time I had no family around me. I believe growing up in a loving accepting family gave me the freedom to find myself, find out who I was and accept the person I was meant to be. Given the freedom to discover who I was and what I wanted out of life was a valuable experience and one I will be extremely grateful to my parent for the rest of my life. I have no fear of going after my dreams I know I will have the support of my family no matter what venture in life I take. I have lived in many states and countries experiencing many different cultures and ways of life because I was instilled with sense of adventure and letting life lead me to the next place. I have been a free spirit since birth with a deep sense of love, respect and family. While growing up I thought my parents were different, we ate dinner together every night talking about our days and supporting each other’s dreams and desires. Many of friends did not grow up in the same types of houses. My mom was always happy and singing, she loved her life and her family it was what she was meant to do. A friend of mine grew up in a large house as well but her father was a violent man with a bad temper. Strange how it was always some one else’s fault that they got in his striking zone. She made excuses and I never questioned her but had a great fear of him and her house. Unfortunately she grew up and married someone just like her dad and I was always scared of men who yelled all the time. My parents would never let me sleep over her home but she was welcomed in our home. When I think back many times it is amazing to me how my parents were capable of not judging others. They are kind, decent, hard working people who never speak a bad word about anyone. They practiced what...
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