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Mission Statement
To provide the best security and consulting services to our clients by demonstrating responsiveness, diligence, judgment and building on our culture of excellence. Vision Statement
Viper Security strives to be the highest quality security agency in the nation. We will exceed the expectations of those we partner with by: Being the best service contractor our clients have ever had

Being the best company our employees have ever worked for
Continuously improving on all aspects of our business while building on our culture of excellence Values Statement
Service: “Whatever it takes, and then some.”
Clients: Establish lasting relationships and exceed expectations. Employees: Foster a culture where our employees are valued. Quality: Continuously strive to achieve excellence at all levels. Team Work: Work together, sharing knowledge, talents, and skills. Integrity: Use good judgment and strive to do what is right. Diversity: Embrace the diversity of our employees and clients we work with.

October 15th, 2014, I had a phone interview with the head of corporate security James Griggs. He is currently the head of security for Powered Protection Inc. located in Buffalo NY. They are contracted by J.P. Morgan Chase to protect the main infrastructure as well as the data bases that dwell within the offices. The main goal of a corporate security policy is to protect data by defining procedures, guidelines and practices for configuring and managing security in the corporate environment. It is imperative that the policy defines the organization’s philosophy and requirements for securing information assets. It is also important that the policy outlines how it will apply to corporate employees, processes and environments. Consequences for failed compliance must also be addressed.

A successful information security policy provides several benefits to corporations. Enforceable policies ensure that vulnerabilities are identified and addressed protecting business continuity and fortifying the IT infrastructure. When employees throughout an organization follow a security policy, ensuring that information is safely shared within the organization as well as with customers, partners and vendors mitigates corporate risk. Also, the heightened security awareness once the security policy is in place increases the likelihood of individual compliance. He has emphasized to me that “we have not had any major data breaches of any kind in the past 4 years he has been employed by J.P. Morgan Chase.” This is due to the continuity that has been established by all parties working together to form a strong alliance towards protection of data.

We also discussed how he had formed a new policy when he became head corporate officer, and he went into detail about the process. The first step to creating an effective information security policy is evaluating information assets and identifying threats to those assets. Some assets within an organization will be more valuable than others, but monetary value should not be the only factor. Determining both the monetary value and the intrinsic value of an asset is essential in accurately gauging its worth. To calculate an asset’s monetary value, an organization should consider the impact if that asset’s data, networks or systems are compromised in any way. To calculate intrinsic value, an organization must consider a security incident’s impact on credibility, reputation and relationships with key stakeholders. When assessing potential threats, external and internal threats must be considered. External threats include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, hacking attempts and anything that tries to break an organization’s security infrastructure from the outside. Internal threats include abuse of critical systems and data, surfing objectionable Internet content, and inappropriate Internet use. The real costly danger with internal threats comes from...
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