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Topics: United States Department of Homeland Security, Security, Airport security Pages: 13 (2722 words) Published: June 4, 2015

How effective are programs and activities in protecting America's borders from terrorist? Edwin Vasquezgaitan
HSM 497 Homeland Security & Emergency Management Capstone
Professor Robert Jackson
March 16, 2015

After the attacks of September 11, 2001, the United States system went through a change in reforming government agencies to protect the American borders against any threats. The government established the Department of Homeland Security, which mission is to protect America borders against external or internal threats that could potential cause harm in our nation. Since the Department of Homeland Security continues improving the national security protection of this nation by establishing effective programs and activities in how to protect American’s borders from terrorists. The evidences will support and defend the hypothesis that Airport with full body scanner machines capability at their checkpoints will decrease the terrorist threat and passengers will feel safer traveling. This paper focus that it is necessary the uses of full body scanner is required at Airports checkpoints because it is considered a very easy target by terrorists to attack; people travel everyday from all over the world and which make an easy target for terrorists. Even the full body scanner machine failed to detect couple terrorist attacks inside of an airplane. Experts are still working on making the full body scanner machines more effective to detect any threat at Airport checkpoints. Even the introduction of the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle drone to secure the American Borders will deter terrorist from attempting to cross our borders. The borders are still expose to terrorist infiltration, but this new technology is helping the ground unit to see from the sky and even cover more distance along the borders. The increase in manpower and train them to be vigilant at every borders checkpoint in America will make tighter security and prevent terrorists from bringing a weapon of mass destruction. By increasing the number of manpower will help to protect our national security and more human intelligence collection because it has always been the number one to learn about the enemy. Supporting the three main hypothesis on this paper in how the government protects the America borders against terrorists continue to improve, and it is becoming more effective. Although, updating technology constantly must be maintained at all time because terrorists are searching for a different method of attacks.

Airport with full body scanner machines capability at their checkpoints will decrease the terrorist threat and passengers will feel safer traveling. After the September 11, 2001 attacks the nation has gone through a lot of changes in reforming and improving Airport security checkpoints to prevent more future attacks by terrorists. The reason agencies in the government did not identify and failed to stop the 19 terrorists involved in this attack. It is because when terrorists went through Airports checkpoints the lack of communication with other agencies in the government and not providing sensitive information to other agencies was the main reason the terrorists were successful. Although the 19 terrorists used as advantage airport checkpoints because it always stay busy with thousands of people traveling every day in and out. The security at airport checkpoints was vulnerable because TSA officer failed to identify or look for another type of signs threats with passengers boarding airplanes. The America people at that time had the perception the government was protecting from terrorists and everyone living in America is safe. Everyone involved in protecting Airport checkpoints failed to do their job prior to the 911 attacks. Prior to the 911 attacks, Airport did not have full-body scanner, TSA officers only used the alarm detectors to check passengers. So far, the investigation of evidences collected and analyzed of...

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February 23, 2015.
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