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final paper critical thinking

By arifahossain1 Jan 28, 2015 737 Words
As a student at theTouro College Berlin three personal goals that I want to

achieve are, first is to complete my bachelor of science in business management

in 3 years. Next is to become a better writter . Writing has always been my

weakest point .This needs to be one of my top goals.

While being employed full -time, The Touro College Berlin has the rare

opportunity for working professionals to finish courses in just 5 weeks. Having

such a compressed time schedule for completing degrees will make it possible

to complete my bachelor of science in business management in 3years as long

as I do not deviate from the program. I have decided that my number one

priority in life is to complete my degree. I do not have other major

commitments outside of work that will distract me from my assignments so

staying focused on school will be realistic. Though I cannot predict the future, I

do not plan on taking any time off during the three years that would result in

interrupting my class schedule. With the option of taking final test this will

allow me to “test out” of some of the lower-division courses such as

communication and management. Although this will require additional

studying outside of my upper-division courses the final test can help eliminate

additional courses needed to be taken, so I can stay on track of my 3 year goal.

Writing papers has never been my strongest asset throughout school. I always

found myself only writing what was required of me but never trying to improve

my writing skills on my own time. In high school the majority of my classes

were math and science with a major in Administration of Justice. The only

writing that I had to do was case briefs, which was based on legal research,

which did not require any creativity, brainstorming and writing skills, just citing

the facts and decisions in a proper format. To become a better writer it will take

self-discipline and dedication. Because writing is my weakest point. I will need

to use the resources available to me to proofread and receive constructive

criticism on my papers.

While staying on schedule with my degree I want to complete each course with

no less than a B letter grade. Completing the B.S. in business management at

the Touro College berlin is a financial commitment, and to get the most out of it

is setting a high standard of academic accomplishment.

The most important way for me to achieve this is not to procrastinate. I will set

time aside that is dedicated to studying and completing assignments. This will

include but not be limited to a minimum of one hours a day, other than

Thursday which is the night of class, and additional time on weekends when

needed. I will review which assignments are due prior to the next class meeting

and set deadlines for those assignments including learning team assignments. A

good portion of the academic grade at the Touro College Berlin is based upon

learning team assignments, so I will do my part on not being a burden on my

team members and help whoever is in need of it. I will complete the individual

assignments by the deadline determined by my team members and at the quality

expected as well. And make sure to communicate any issues that I may have

with any team members within the group or completing my portion of the

assignments on time.

To achieve the above goals they all share the same core of ideas, self-discipline

and dedication. I have set my mind on going back to school and completing it

all the way this time. I believe if I stick to my goals that being a student at

Touro college berlin will be a pleasurable and successful experience, so much

so that I will want to continue to get my MBA.

Imagine mylife without a proper education. Without the proper education i

could properly provide for myself or my family. All students are born with a

different nature, however, the reason for their education remains the same. The

purpose of education is to provide a foundation for students. Many methods of

teaching are used in the classroom. There are also many areas of curriculum

that are important in the elementary level. Education provides the necessary

grounds to succeed in our life today.

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