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Topics: Employment, Training, Software engineering Pages: 5 (1644 words) Published: February 27, 2014

VeriType is developing software that will improve the billing process for physicians. The software is developed to help make the billing process easier, more accurate, efficient, and compliant with the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA). HCFA monitors billing practices compliance with government regulations. Fines imposed for noncompliance with HCFA guidelines can reach up to $10,000 per claim. This along with other inefficiencies in the billing process can cost physicians a lot of money. (Moot Corp, 2013) VeriType’s software is designed to improve the billing process and allow the physicians to worry less about the billing process and focus their attention and time on patient care. VeriType is a unique leader in their market with little to no competition. The founders are rich in experience and knowledge in software design, medical practice, and billing. They have plans to partner with a software giant, such as IBM, for sales and marketing. The company needs to hire a skilled, knowledgeable, efficient, and experienced team in the areas of software development, technical support, financial operations, and distribution. They need to develop highly trained individuals who understand the product as well as skilled and knowledgeable in helping and educating customers. This team needs to be aware of legal implications of the product and have consistently good labor relations. A strong human resource management team seems critical in developing this company as they have major staffing, training & development, and benefits management needs. (Moot Corp, 2013) Staffing seems to be the most obvious area of need for VeriType at this particular point in time. VeriType is looking to hire a software development team. They have stated that they are interested in hiring five software developers with expertise in specific areas. They also have a need to build a technical support team. This team will need to include online support, phone support, educational support or training, and a HCFA specialist. The third area of staffing needs is to hire a Chief Financial Officer with experience in management and fund raising. In addition they need an assistant who is qualified to handle accounting, cash management, and benefits administration. (This seems an obvious fit for a HRM) The first person the founders should consider hiring is a qualified HRM. The HRM would fill job needs of the “assistant” and would be an additional asset to so many other areas and needs this company has. They can work together to seek out and recruit a qualified CFO in the local area who has the experience and skills necessary for the needs of the company. In order to have a clear understanding of what is necessary to fill the needs of the company the HRM and the founders of the company will need to meet and discuss job specifications and job descriptions. This will give the HRM the necessary information to bring in candidates that are qualified to fill the positions available rather than waste time and money looking at masses of people who will not be successful. The largest staffing needs for this company are in the software development team and the technical support team. Both of these areas will require expertise and experience both in software and HCFA guidelines. VeriType has an established relationship with the University of Arizona, I believe that this is an obvious place to search for qualified candidates. Once clear qualifications, job descriptions, and specifications are defined, the HRM should meet with the student placement director at the University of Arizona and discuss the needs of the company. This is a great recruitment opportunity to find students or graduates who are qualified for the opportunities available. Professional associations with local hospitals, medical supply companies, software developers, and billing professionals would be additional places to find qualified candidates for these particular job opportunities. The...
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