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Final project

May 10, 2013

Once entering prison, inmates will lose most of their right as a free citizen. All prisoners must keep certain rights simply because they are human beings. The First amendment guaranties inmates the right to freedom of speech, press, and also the right to receive mail. Prison, especially for long sentences, is not easy to tolerate. It means years of separation from family and loved ones. One of the most important ways to communicate with the inmate is through letters. Letters to inmates are like emotional vitamins for them, and regular correspondence can help an inmate to pass the time and to feel a sense of belonging to those outside of prison. Mail rules in jails or prison can vary from state to state and from prison to prison. Through the prison system has rules, but, there are important rights that they must uphold. This prison new mail policy provided in this document triggered many issues among the inmate’s population and their family, and to avoid further legal issue, the prison should come up with better solution to solve those issues. This paper will look over how the new mail policy violate the inmates rights, both generally and more specifically, provide solution to resolve the staffs shortage without changing the mail policy, and also provide method that the prison can use to stop the contrabands coming through the inmate’s mail. To begin, the fact that the Department of Correction adopts the new mail policy will be violating the constitutional rights of the inmates. The Federal Bureau of Prisons encourages communication between inmates and their families and friends. It is important for inmates to maintain linked to the community while serving their sentence. This procedure aids in the inmate's rehabilitation and transition. The major shift in prison mail policy could lead to an erosion of an inmate's ability for example to alert his attorney concerning the alleged prison abuses or neglect. I understand that for security reasons, all incoming mail should be checked to see if it contains any illegal or unauthorized items, but prison officials should not be allowed to read inmates’ incoming mail. They should only open and shake the envelopes for contraband in front of the inmate, but they shouldn’t allow them to read their letters or documents. Also outgoing mail from inmates may also be checked. Personal letters will not be read unless the officer-in-charge or designee has reason to believe that the letter contains threats of harm or criminal activity, escape plans, or plans to violate prison rules. Designated employees of the prison may open and read any incoming or outgoing mail of inmates. The first amendment guaranties the inmates the rights to communicate with their loves one by mail. While incarcerated, the most common way for inmates to keep contact with the outside world is by mail. Most importantly, their legal paper works from their attorney, come through the mail. I think that if the new mail policy takes over, it will affect their court cases. Some time, inmates need to receive their legal paper work on time before their court date. Any delay can affect the result of their case and can also provoke a negative consequence for them. Some inmate also receive they checks or money order for commissary from their family through the mail. If they go days without money to buy commissary, they might direct their anger to the correctional personal. It should be no limit as to the number of mail that an inmate can receive or send in one week. To avoid violating inmate’s rights, the division of correction should come up with better solution other than changing their mail policy. Before making any changes, the division of correction should figure out how they can provide better mail policy without violating inmates’...
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