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Topics: Management, Operations management, Operating system Pages: 6 (2122 words) Published: January 9, 2015
 Operation Assignment Name: HongYu Qiao ID: B332898 The operation network of Tesco in UK are the largest within the Group, with over 3300 stores and 310,000 colleagues. Tesco has been trying to build a better supermarket in the UK and deliver the things that matter to their customers—great service, range, quality and great value.The key factors for Tesco to success include staffs, goods, delivery, layout, price and quality. For example,Tesco will invite over 1000 their customers come and try their new products and services every year. In the process of consulting customers face by face, Tesco is enable to receive feedbacks immediately and advices to improve their insufficiency. 1.1 The Operation of Tesco

A. Facilities
Facilities include the location, size and focus of operation resources. Where the production facilities should be located, the size of the facility, goods and services should be produced at the each location, and to what market each facility should serve these decisions are taken in this category. The Tesco I described is located in loughborough. There are lots of facilities placing inside and outside Tesco. E.g. phone shop,coffee shop etc. There are two graphs showing how many facilities nearby Tesco or in the Tesco can be used. Except of products facilities, the facilities service of Tesco is also brilliant. In the real store, there are plenty of staffs through the aisle where you can easily find and provide informations about any products to make customers find their goods quickly and conveniently. And there are some tutorial words above the area to explain what are sold in this area which makes customers can locate their goods as soon as possible.

B. Process
Tesco conduct continuous process. It handles its customers in a fast manner when they are purchasing items in the front of cashier desks day to day. It also provides online service that enables them to make transactions across the internet. It enables customers never worry about waiting long queue when they need to pay the goods they bought or when they try to move from one aisle of the store to another trying to look for a particular item. Tesco also install an IT system to integrate internal customers e.g. staffs into operation process. It increased staffs’ efficiency to a large extent.

C. Layout
Tesco adopt cell layout on its operating management.A cell layout is a hybrid facility arrangement which includes the characteristics of functional layouts and product layouts.It involves the process of product design and packaging or gathering number of distinct machines together.Based on my observation, Tesco has classify its goods into plenty of functional cells including fruits,prepared foods beer and wines etc.For example,milk and vegetables are grouped together, so that they can use freezer cabinets to keep them cool. And beer and wine are kept together so that it is convenient not only for the customer to find it but also easy for staff to restock it.

D. Flow
Actually, flow can be described as a result.It will be intermittent when operating layout and process yield less volume and variety of its own products.On the contrary, more volume and variety of products will lead to a continuous flow on the operating management.Based on my observation,Tesco conducts high volume products and process goods in a high level of variation.Thus, Tesco has continuous flow on its operating management

1.2 Characteristics of Tesco Metro’s Operation

The input of Tesco includes above facilities, the staff available in-store, the products and the logistic functions,etc. The output of Tesco aims to satisfied customers and efficient operating service.It can be simply seen that Tesco has high level in the perspective of volume due to large numbers of customers come in and out in one day. According to the different type of output,we can easily see the...
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