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Strategy Positioning Paper
October 6, 2014
Susan Craver

Strategy Positioning Paper
Apple is one of the most innovative companies that were ever created to surface our technology world. Founder created it Steve Jobs and two others in 1976. Apple is an “American multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, online services, and personal computers” ("Apple Inc.", 2014).Apple is most known for its hardware products such as the Mac computer, IPod, IPad, and the infamous IPhone smart phones, just to name a few. The sleek design of all these products mentioned, is one of the major components that separates this line from its competitors. Having a collection of Apple products is in very high demand across the globe, due to its popularity, speed, and overall technology performance. It has over 400 retail stores across fourteen countries. It does not surprise Apple customers when they develop something great and market it to the world seeing that Apple has estimated revenue of $170 billion. Most Apple consumers are ready for something new to be launched, just so they can get their fingers on it. Apple, Inc. is introducing a new product called the iFlash. It is a portable flash drive combined with a charger, having a flash drive on one end and a charger on the other end. The iFlash comes in varies GB of 8, 16, and 32, with its compatibility with all Apple products. It also comes with a docking station that it connects to so that it can charge itself. It gives you the luxury of being able to charge your phone on the go without worry about finding an outlet to plug it into. The iFlash lets you have the freedom to charge your phone, without being connected to a power source, which is great for this “on the go generation”. The iFlash is also Wi-Fi capable which means that whenever you have Wi-Fi capability you can upload and sync your phone with iTunes and iCloud as well as perform any updates that are needed to any applications or to your operating system. The built in flash drive allows you to save information from your phone to the flash drive if needed or you can use it as a portable flash drive on its own. A SWOT analysis of the organization and offering

Easy to use products
Pricing strategy
Easy to use products
Potential competitors coming out with the same concept
Loyal Apple customers
Products can be priced highly
Gives a competitive advantages over other competitors
Could consist of more energy being conducted
Known for high-tech quality products such as the IPhone, IPad, etc. Faced with a different approach for the charger (putting it to use, electricity) Use the product to lean the green way for electricity (clean sources of solar, wind, etc.) Toxicants could make it impossible to build

Recognition of Brand
Many people are around one area, could leave the Wi-Fi in slow connection Opens opportunities to downloading to a computer without the use of a cord attached to it Workers being exposed to Benzene and N-Hexane

The table shows that iFlash could be an advantage or disadvantage with the company. IFlash gives this now on the go generation the opportunity to get things done and stay updated without the fear of finding an outlet to plug into. Many companies that work with electronics have to worry about workers being exposed to Benzene and N-Hexane. Both of them could be critical, however, Apple practices going green. Apple likes to use some of their older projects to help advance the company and gain additional knowledge about the iFlash. The iFlash is yet another fantastic technological creation from Apple that will give its users the benefit of saving data, including pictures and videos without having to plug into or log onto a computer at all. At the same time, the iFlash will allow the charging of any...

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