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20th Day (Wednesday) May 22, 2013
Today we go to work early; we just arrived at 9 am. We showed in the office for them to know that we come. After that we return, Jelly and I decided to buy in Chowking because we haven't yet eat breakfast but before we go downstairs, we informed Ma'am Thea. When we bought food, we went back to the office. We saw Sir Ariel, he greeted us and asked if how are we. Sir Ariel is a very good person, I feel very comfortable with him. He is so kind and considerate person. After meals, we started to call again. We just call and call until we finish it. Ma'am Thea waited the list because she needs to email the resorts and hotels tomorrow. Me, Jelly and Ma'am daisy were the only at the office because Ma'am Meann, Ma'am Arianne, Sir Jon and Sir Billy went to Coron, Palawan yesterday. I don't know how long they will stay there. Lunchtime. We ate lunch in Jollibee, after meals we returned to the office. We continued are doing while ago. We just simultaneously call them. Around 5:10 pm ate Izel and Kuya Jovic went in our office to say goodbye. They're going home. Sir Jet called us and told us to move there. When we got there Sir Jet taught us to issue tickets. First try is me, he taught the basic. At first I am little bit nervous but feel excited. It’s enjoyed while doing it. After me, jelly was next. Sir jet told me that tomorrow if there will be issuing tickets, we can issue those tickets. Very enjoyed, happy and productive for this day. We left in the office at 7 pm.

21th Day (Thursday) May 23, 2013
This day I went to office at 10 am, a little traffic on the way. When we arrived, we were immediately gone to Ma'am Thea and we also greeted them good morning. She gave us the two cell phones and she said for the meantime we temporary response to the calls. Later on, the cell phone rang, jelly answered it. I also answered the next...
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