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Topics: Obesity, Infectious disease, Body mass index Pages: 4 (2719 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Obesity, a Public or a Private Matter.
Alexis Garrett
ENG 122
Lisa Clark
There is an abundance of articles stating obesity as an epidemic. In order to define obesity an understanding of the term "epidemic" is needed. An epidemic is a widespread occurrence or outbreak of an infectious disease. In this paper I will address the follow questions. When did eating too many big macs while sitting on the couch become infectious? Has the meaning of the word changed to fit in with the news stories? Do they mean that we as a people are infecting our children with bad eating habits and no or little exercise? Should obesity be a public or a private matter? What does obesity cost American's every year, and what will it cost in the future? The bending of vocabulary needs to end by creating actual solutions to a growing problem. Obesity, the meaning of this word is “a condition in which the body carries abnormal or unhealthy amounts of fat tissue, leading the individual to weigh in excess of 20 percent more than his or her ideal weight (DeAngelo, L., Kalumuck, K., & Adlin, E. (2014).” A better way to think of this is having a body mass index (BMI) of over 30 which means that you are considered obese. To roughly figure out what your BMI is take your weight and divide it by your height. “This number, which is central to determining whether an individual is clinically defined as obese, parallels fatness but is not a direct measure of body fat. BMI is less sensitive than using a skinfold caliper or other method to measure body fat indirectly.” (Body mass index (BMI). (2014). Suffering from obesity can also add other health issues in to the mix including diabetes, cardio vascular disease, and breathing problems. There are many factors that contribute to becoming obese. There are medical factors such as problems with the thyroid or having lesions in certain parts of the brain. The environment contributes to this growing issue as well. The saying "like...

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