Final Exam Study Questions

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MBA 606
Final Exam Study Questions
Fall, 2014

1. Describe the Competing Values Framework for understanding organizational culture. What are the two sets of competing values, and the four types of organizational culture described by this framework?

2. Describe the “Managerial Grid” approach to leadership. How has the managerial grid been used to help develop better leaders.

3. Define and describe organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). Provide 2 examples of OCB. Why does OCB occur?

4. What is the difference between “position power” and “personal power”? Provide some examples of each, and for each type of power, describe a situation where one type would be more effective than the other.

5. Describe the five negotiation strategies we discussed in class.

6. Describe the 4 Team Player Styles we discussed in class. For each team player style, provide an example of how it can help a team avoid process losses.

7. Describe 3 factors that may limit the effectiveness of teams. How can these threats to team effectiveness be mitigated?

8. Compare and contrast 2 different approaches to dealing with resistance to change.

9. Compare and contrast “induced entrepreneurial behavior” and “autonomous entrepreneurial behavior”.

10. Describe the different types of conflict that can occur in organizations (substantive, affective, process). Then, discuss both positive and negative outcomes that might arise from conflict.

Case Analysis

Earlier this semester, we had an in-class discussion of the Brighton Cabinet Company case (see below). On the final exam, you will be asked to provide a more fine-tuned analysis of this case utilizing material learned in the class. Specifically, you will need to be prepared to discuss the case with respect to:

2. Organizational Culture, and
3. Change Management.

Brighton Cabinet Company

The financial reports for the last quarter of...
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