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ESL 1320

Final Exam

Dec.9, 2013

1.a)The relationship between Kino and Juana is changeable during the whole novel. In the beginning,it

seems that they were living a happy life together and they loved each other regardless the poverty they

were living in. Juan was always following Kino. The turning point in their relationship was when

Kino found the pearl. Everything changed. The pearl brought the evil spirit to their life. The most

important thing thing to Kino was the pearl. Juana's thoughts were different from Kino's thoughts, she

thought the pearl was an evil or sin which they have to destroy. Kino refused the idea and when Juana

tried to throw the pearl, John Steinbeck told us, “He struck her in the face with his clenched fist and

she fell among the boulders, and he kicked her in the side” (59). It seems to us that it was the first time

Kino did that to Juana.

b) The relationship between Kino and his community is very good. In The Pearl Kino love his

community. He lived in a lovely society where the neighbors care about each other and stand beside

beside each other in the hard situations. They react with Kino when he is in a plight. When Coyotito

was sick, they went with him to the doctor, and they went with him to the pearl buyers. At the same

time, Kino showed loyalty and love to his community when his canoe had a hole in it, he didn't think

about taking his neighbors' canoe as he knew the suffer that his family would feel if he took their canoe

which represent the source of living. “It did not occur to him to take one of the canoes of his

neighbors,' the author said. 'Never once did the thought enter his head, any more than he could have

convinced breaking a boat”(62).

c) The relationship between Kino and the natural world. In The Pearl we can see the strong connection

between Kino and the natural world. Sometimes it appears to e Kino's friend as the weeds which cured

son Coyotito and the sea from where he brings his food. The sea is the source of his living so all his

life depends upon the natural world. On the other hand, the natural world appears to be kino's enemy

sometimes. For example, when the scorpion bite his son. I think the scorpion here represents the

negative side of the nature, and when Kino found the Pearl, it brought the sorrow to Kino's life as Juana

said, “Kino, this pearl is evil. Let us destroy it before it destroys us” (56).

2. The values and the ay of life represented by the rich people and the poor people in the novel. The

rich people in the novel are represented by the doctor and the pearl buyers. The doctor is very rich, he

lives in a very luxurious home, and he has power. The money is the most important thing in his life. It

worth more than human life. John Steinbeck said, “They knew his ignorance, his cruelty, his avarice,

his appetites, his sins” (9). He is very greedy person, materialist, ready to do anything to get money, he

is dishonest and tricky. Therefore, he has lack of values as well as the pearl buyers who seems to have

the same characteristics as the doctor. They are dishonest people, they tried to deceive Kino the simple

man and tried to take an advantage from him because he was uneducated. However, the poor people

who were living in this town which is “La Paz”, they had values and morals. They are simple people,

love and care about each other. They are uneducated who were deceived by the rich people as the

author said, “We do know that we are cheated from birth to the over change on our coffins” (54). They

are helpful, they were with Kino in every step he stepped. They thought if they didn't go with them to

the pearl buyers that would be shame.

3.The discovery of the pearl brings about several kinds of destruction. I think the pearl has destroyed

Kino's life. It affected Kino's relationship with...
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