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Topics: Plastic surgery, Surgery, Reconstructive surgery Pages: 9 (2508 words) Published: December 5, 2014

Research Paper: Just let your skin fall

Vivian Kinanee

ENG 1020-06
David Lauriski
July 17, 2012

Just let your Skin fall

It began with chicken dumplings. One night Hefner left the pan she’d used to make a stickybatch of dumplings in the sink to soak and went to sleep. The man she was then married to hada thing about cleanliness---any sign of dust or dirt sent him into a rage. Seeing the dirty pan inthe sink upon returning home, he woke Hefner with a punch in the face, breaking her nose andleaving a huge jagged gash under her eye with his wedding ring. Then he went to sleep. Bleedingprofusely, Hefner drove herself to the local emergency room, where doctors sewed up her facewith 16 stitches. For several years, those scars she received from the stitches told the story and remained as a constant reminder of a domestic abuse that will haunt her for years. Unfortunately, Hefner is only one of several women who have been left with abusive scars from their spouse and can no longer look in the mirror without a flashback of their nightmare. Their nightmares have left imprints of pain and embarrassment from their past; preventing them from moving forward in life. “It was like walking around with a sign on their face saying, I’ve been with an idiot,” recalls a woman from California. Since the physical evidence of her abuse is visible, it brought back painful memories and pulled her back in life instead of moving forward. However, erasing the scars of abuse can give these women a new life and rebuild their confidence in the society. After Glen Hefner received reconstructive plastic surgery, she explained that, “It’s wonderful to look in the mirror without my ex-husband staring me in the face.” Reconstructive surgery in her case was used as the final process of recovery to erase the physical evidence only after she has gone through the physiological and spiritual treatment. Surgery is defined as a method of correcting or restoring the body parts and its functions, it is a large concept. There are two main fields to surgery: reconstructive surgery, for restoring beauty, and cosmetic surgery; for enhancing beauty. In case such as of Glen Hefner, reconstructive plastic surgery can help erase memories and physical reminders such as scars from abuse or accidents. Today, we have witnessed an increase in the popularity of surgery mainly for cosmetic purposes. According to the ASAPS 2008 statistics on Cosmetic surgery, “People age 35-50 had the most procedures – over 4.5 million and 45 percent of the total.” Women that fall between the age of thirty-five to fifty group are more likely to have begun the aging process and due to the current standard for women they reject the former saying of “aging gracefully” to pursue the supermodel image. “Perhaps we can thank ads on TV, reality shows, and models for insisting that we should all look a certain way,” says Suzanne, a woman who has been able to control her weight without any cosmetic surgery.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Over the years both social pressure and media have had a great amount of impact on the way women view themselves. The importance of beauty in our society can be illustrated by the controversy surrounding a lip -synced song in Beijing for the summer Olympics 2008. Where a young child with a more “suitable” appearance was chosen over another that actually had a beauty voice. Showing that a beautiful face was more important than a beautiful voice (cite)....
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