Final English Essay

Topics: Bill Clinton, Rhetoric, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Final Exam Essay
My English teacher during my senior year of high school constantly preached, “You guys better listen up and work hard because high school writing is easy compared to college writing.” When I heard this I thought ‘great, I already dread writing and think it is challenging, now it is going to be even more intense in college.’ As I picked my classes for the second semester of this year, I knew I had to pick English 101 and I was not looking forward to it at all. I was a pretty decent writer in high school, but my English teacher made it seem like college writing was only for people who were brilliant enough to go to a prestigious Ivy League school, like Harvard. As this semester went on and I beginning writing papers, I noticed that I did not fear writing as much because I was not that bad at it. Each paper got easier to write for me because I had an awesome teacher and my confidence had increased dramatically by getting better grades on each progressing paper that I wrote. I believe from learning the skills of this course and careful consideration of the objectives outlining this course, I grew from being sacred about writing to learning to accept the difficult challenge of writing as a college student.

English 101 taught me a lot of different writing skills that I lacked knowledge of prior to taking this excellent course. I believe the first skill I really excelled in was developing a persuasive argument. When we listened to former President Clinton’s Prayer Breakfast speech, I was astonished on how good he was at persuading people to feel sorry for him. This speech was right after he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky. President Clinton used great tactics such as asking forgiveness from God and promising that good will come of this situation, to persuade people to give him another chance and that everyone makes mistakes. After listening to this, I learned that no matter the situation, good or bad, the way you appeal to the emotions and...
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