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Topics: Unicron, Transformers: Universe, Scorponok Pages: 7 (1898 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Caleb Wilder
Mr. Garrett
English 101
21 October 2014
Image Analysis: “Transformers: Age of Extinction”
Having already established itself as a very popular series in the action and adventure genre, the Transformers movies have been both praised and criticized. But when a movie is about transforming alien robots fighting to the death, many can’t resist watching it. To say the least, the transformers movies have revolutionized the use of CGI graphics in a way no other movie has. Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) is a “soft” reboot of the series and a sequel to Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011). The film was a huge success, earning more than $1 billion at the global box office. That number indicates that the film had a very large audience, including both kids and adults alike, and that the movie was adroitly advertised, especially in other countries. Two of the movie posters used in the advertising campaign caught my eye because of their similarities and how they presented the movie. The two posters deliver the audience two different key messages about the movie, giving insight on the character relationships, and most of all, the plot.

The first movie poster features Cade, Tessa, and Shane, along with Optimus Prime. Cade, who is holding a cybertronian(transformer) weapon, is positioned closest to the viewer, on the left side of the poster. Tessa and Shane are standing together behind Shane, on the right side of the poster. They are separated by Optimus’ outstretched arm as he kneels on the ground, resting on that same arm and the other which holds a sword stabbed into the ground. He is the furthest back and in the middle of the poster. Although Optimus is furthest from the viewer, he is still the most prominent character. The viewpoint is positioned slightly lower than Shane and Tessa, causing the viewer to look up to all the characters. Both Cade and Tessa are looking beyond the viewer, to their right, but it is debatable that Tessa is looking further to her right than Cade. Shane arguably appears to be looking beyond the viewer, slightly to his left. Optimus is looking straight at the ground in front of the viewer, in the middle of the poster. Each character has a concerned look on their face, except for Tessa, who appears to have a more anxious or frightened expression. The sun is either setting behind the characters, creating a refulgent, golden glint on the left outlines of their backsides, but the sky in the background is still blue. White and gray clouds along with plumes of dark gray smoke, which rises from destroyed and burning city in the background, block out much of the blue sky and provide contrast against Optimus’ metallic armor. The title is centered at the bottom in custom Transformers silver movie font, with Transformers being more prominent. At the top of the poster is “THIS IS NOT WAR, IT IS EXTINCTION” in the same font, but smaller and black. Just above the title is “A MICHAEL BAY FILM”, with the Bay’s name larger than the surrounding text. The credits are below the title in very small font. Below the credits are the words “IN THEATERS, REAL D3D AND IMAX 3D”, all of them in bold and with IMAX 3D more prominent. The release date is in bold at the very bottom. The second poster includes Cade, Optimus Prime, and a new character, the dinobot Grimlock. All three characters are standing in a straight line in front of the viewer, slightly to the right of the middle of the poster. Cade is standing in the front, while Optimus stands in the middle with Grimlock behind him. Like the first poster, the viewpoint is below the characters, causing the viewer to be looking up to the characters. While Cade is facing his left, Optimus and Grimlock are facing their right. Despite facing different directions, Cade and Grimlock are both looking to the left and beyond the viewer, while Optimus is staring toward the viewer. Unlike the first poster, Cade doesn’t seem to be worried, but instead seems to be...

Cited: "Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014).", n.d. Web. 21 Nov. 2014.
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