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Topics: World War II, Nuclear weapon, Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: March 18, 2015
Mina Hanna
Vanessa Frazier
February 9th, 2014
Essay one
Pain in War
On one hand, the first essay “Regarding the pain of others” written by Susan Sontag in 2004. Sontag was born early in the twenty century; she was considered filmmaker, writer, and political activist. She used any possible way to teach people on humanity and human rights without being scared to be killed or go to jail at that time as it was not safe to talk about these topics back then. Sontag is discussing how people react when they see others passing through painful experience. Sontag complains about how people do not sympathize when they see others suffering. Susan starts with talking about pain of others in general and pain of people suffering in wars.

On the other hand, the second essay “Hiroshima” by John Berger is talking about the disaster of two atomic bombs being dropped in Japan. Berger, who is a painter himself, is describing the picture in the book called “Unforgettable Fire”; the book has pictures that have been drawn by non-professional survivals describing their experience, or as they call it “hell on earth”. Personally, I think the authors of the two essays will agree with each other at some point and disagree at other point. Sontag and Berger would agree that people should learn about the pain of others when they see pictures or painting of war while they would not agree on the role of media in spreading these pictures of the war.

Sontag and Berger agree that war is a painful experience to be involved in or even to watch it on the news. Both authors described war in details; they described how people suffered and still suffers during wars. Sontag is talking about war in various countries in different parts of the world. Sontag goes on and describe people’s reaction when they watch war news on television; she thinks that war ceased having any effect on human being as a painful experience, it became more of a routine action to watch people dying in another part...

Cited: Susan Sontag “Regarding the Pain of Others” 2004
John Berger “Hiroshima” 1981
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