Final Draft Essay 1

Topics: Great Depression, Need to know, Robots in Disguise Pages: 3 (1104 words) Published: December 5, 2014
Lisa Irwin
Prof. Hoff
English 101
April 28, 2011
My dearest Jim,
I am so thankful to have you in my life and to know you will always there for me, no matter what. Your caring, understanding, encouragement and patience have been some of the things I admire most about you. I know your Grandmother went through the Great Depression, instilling in you that we have to keep everything because we may use it one day, and yes we have in some cases. However, I think it is time we had a serious decision regarding our storages. We both have agreed we need to downsize to one. By doing this, we could and would have a better handle on getting everything organized with its own proper place. No more having to look in nine different places for one item, having to make a tunnel to get to all of our holiday decorations, or spending a whole day looking for something to just give up and buy it again! Although dumpster diving was great when we first moved here, considering we only had what possessions we brought with us from Denver in our motor home. But after awhile I think things really got out of hand. You seemed almost obsessed with stopping at every site to see if there was something we could use or sell, and after doing this for ten years, followed by just packing everything into boxes and putting it in storage, our excess possessions have really gotten out of hand. We could just start with the first storage we started putting everything into. It is the smallest of all of them, so it will not look like such a daunting task. We can have Alex or Megan watch Rory and the puppies for us one day so we do not have any distractions, just concentrate on getting it done in a day or two. We are going to have to bite the bullet on getting rid of some things, even though we think we are going to need it or use it, we have already kept a number of of the items too long. For example, I do not think we need to keep all of the old Godfathers Pizza mugs. I am willing to...
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