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Topics: Happiness, FIFA World Cup, Association football Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Mauricio Hidalgo
Ms. Eaton
English II PAP
September 26, 2014
Happiness Is
Beeeep! The final whistle blew, what a rush of emotions. You could hear the fans screaming, the coach jumping out of his seat, and all of our team sprinting to the center circle to begin the celebration. Champions… finally champions. That is the moment I realized what I wanted to do in the future. Whenever I want to feel good I reminisce back to that day because it is the day I found what makes me most happy in life, and ever since then I have trained harder and gotten better to rekindle that feeling. Don’t be a Debbie downer; brighten up and find joy in life. Find what makes you unique. Everyone has felt happiness at some point and has different views and emotions of it, but everyone should strive to do something that makes them happy all the time. Happiness can go a long way and this is a prime example. My current event is about Nico Calabria, a very famous teen that was born with no right hip or leg, yet he has become one of the best players on the United States National Amputee Soccer Team. The now 19 year old that lives in Concord, Massachusetts aspired to play in the world cup since the age of 5 and is now living his dream by representing his nation this November in Mexico for the Amputee Football World Cup. I think that he is a huge inspiration to everyone and is showing how determination can go a long way. The article about Nico emphasizes my thesis because he is living the dream and having fun along the way. Regardless of not being blessed with having two legs, he has made the most out of it and has overlooked all the criticism and adversity he has had to go through all his life. He didn’t let that stop him from becoming what he is now and show everybody that happiness is self-made. Only you have the power to make it happen because it all depends on whether you see the glass half empty or full. Do what makes you most happy in life. Self-made happiness can come in many...
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