Final Dialogue

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______________________________________________________________________________ American Sign Language 1702
Unit 5 & 8 – 12
Due Date: Total Points 65 You and your partner will do a “LIVE dialogue” together for the final exam on December 9th. Sign up times will be given in class. Both of you will do a script taken from the units you have completed. Your dialogue evaluation will be based individually on sign production, grammar, amount of details, conversation behaviors (responses, listener feedback, and clarification), language fluency and the elements required within the dialogue stated below. The instructor will be evaluating in class and at the same time you and your partner will be recorded. Also you will turn in a typed script the right of your dialogue. One of you will be Student A; the other will be Student B. You cannot change roles of Student A & B. Before you begin your dialogue, state which role you are, Student A or B.

Unit 5: Errands/Activities with Others

Signer A: Ask what errands B must do within the next few days. What do you have to do this week?
Signer B: Tell 3 errands
1. Go to the post office.
2. Walk the dog.
3. Clean the house.
Signer A: Respond
*acknowledge information, express amazement, or express sympathy Signer A: Ask what B did/will do on a certain day
What did you do last Tuesday?
Signer B: Give information following this sequence
Last Tuesday morning.
My friend and I
Watched a movie

Signer A: Respond

Signer B: What do you have to do this week?
Signer A:
Feed the cat
Wash the dishes
Clean the bathroom

Signer B: Respond
*acknowledge information, express amazement, or express sympathy Signer B: What are you doing next Friday?
Signer A: Give information following this sequence
Next Friday night
Me and my girlfriend
Went to a restaurant
Went shopping
Watched TV
Signer B: Respond

Unit 9:...
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