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By: Jennifer Apap
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Laura Sharp

TWS Standard 1: Contextual Factors

Community, District, and School Factors

Geographic Location

City and state -Glendale, Arizona

Population of city - 232,143

Stability of community (state of growth, decline, or stability) - Growth has been stable

Perception of the level of community support for education - Community gives the school a rating of 4/5 stars. (greatschools 2014)


Name of school district and grades served - Deer Valley School District

Number of schools - 37

Number of students enrolled in district - 34,149

Percentage of students in district receiving free or reduced-price lunch - 21% (schooldigger 2014)


Name of school and grades served -Arrowhead Elementary School

Number of students enrolled in school - 633

Percentage of students in school receiving free or reduced lunch - 22%

Academic achievement ranking/label - 263/925 AZ public elementary school. B Rating. (schooldigger 2014)

Classroom Factors


Grade level(s) and content area(s) - 2-6 grade

Total number of students - 6

Number of boys/number of girls - 6 boys

Ages represented - 7, 9, 11, 11, 10, 12

Cultures/ethnicities represented - Spanish, African American, Hispanic, Iranian, White

Socioeconomic information - Median Income $35,094 ( 2014) Environment

Physical room arrangement - Single desk, computers, Bulletin boards, smart board, chalk boards, white board, reading area, centers, Ipad.

Classroom resources - Smart Board, computer, books, file folder activity

Level of parental involvement - Extremely low. Only one parent out of six students responds to teacher comments or emails.

Availability of and/or access to technology - There are two desk top computers and one ipad in the room.

Student Factors

Number of students receiving educational services outside of the classroom (e.g. reading/math intervention, speech services, special education services) - 6

Number of students whose primary language is other than English - 0

Number of students with Individual Education Plans - 6

Number of non-labeled (e.g. non-IEP, non-ADA Section 504) students who are behaviorally or academically challenged - 0

Research Connection

Locate one literature source that expounds upon one of the topics described in this standard. The reference may be found in a peer-reviewed or a professional journal. For example, you may add a reference for why student demographics are important to consider in the process of instructional planning goals.

Reference: Louis, K., Marks, H., Kruse, S. (December 1996) Teachers' Professional Community Restructuring Schools. American Education Research Journal. Retrieved from

Three to five bullet summary of the literature source:
Ingredients to improve schools
Teachers interacting with each other
Professional community within the school
School reform efforts

Instructional Implications
Based on the contextual characteristics of the community, classroom, and students, describe in one to three paragraphs the possible impact those characteristics could have on the planning, delivery, and assessment of your unit.

Some of the impacts the community and demographics can have on the planning of the school can be the modification of work due to a low income demographic. Some schools will find a low attendance rate if they are in an inner city area. Creating the lesson plans every day shouldn't be affected unless the teacher is in need of modifications for a few students. Even with great demographics, the school still may have its issues and fall short of proper education. Some of the students may need to be tested with an alternative format because...

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