Final Assignment Disaster Planning and Control

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Final Paper – Review Local Emergency Operation Plan
August 2013

The following requirements are contained in Air Force Instruction (AFI)10-2501 (AIR FORCE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT (EM) PROGRAM PLANNING AND OPERATIONS) this is mandated for use at all USAF bases. I will review this instruction and recommend changes that would better suit Air National Guard locations. My recommendations will be in BOLD. It must be remembered that Air National Guard units do not have the full time manning that their active duty counterparts have and a vast majority of them are on Municipal and Commercial airports, which adds a layer of coordination and cooperation that most Active Duty locations do not undergo.

The AFI’s purpose is for installations, including tenant units, to tailor their Emergency response capability to the installation’s mission and threat assessment. Each units Commander must stress both planning and response to provide unity of effort, allocate resources efficiently and identify shortfalls early. Force survivability and mission continuation are the highest priorities for planning. Planning is based upon a threat assessment that enables commanders to identify minimum standards to train, organize, equip and protect forces. The primary objective of EM program planning is to support Air Force plans by minimizing effects caused by all-hazards incidents. EM program planning addresses a wide range of threats for the Air Force. The Air Force EM program implements the AFIMS based on NIMS methodology and includes the NRP standardized phases of incident management: prevention, preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation. (AFCESA/CEXR, 2013)

The planning goals listed below are not in priority order:

- Decentralize vital operations and mission-critical resources.

- Disperse, shelter, or cover response and recovery resources.

- Relocate, evacuate, or shelter all personnel affected or potentially affected by the incident.

- Provide IPE for FP and PPE for incident response and recovery.

- Improve protection for buildings used as shelters.

- Develop MAAs with civilian and host nation authorities.

- Provide information, notification and warning systems.

- Implement CBRNE detection, risk assessment, avoidance, control, plotting, predicting, warning and reporting measures.

- Provide information flow between C2 elements and the general installation populace.

- Provide recovery actions from effects of EM incidents.

- Provide survivable, interoperable communications.

- Ensure seamless operations with other Federal agencies in response to catastrophic events or incidents of national significance as defined by DODD 3025.15, NIMS and the NRP. Ensure plans support other Federal agencies during Incidents of National Significance.

The primary mission of the Air Force Emergency Management programs are to save lives; minimize the loss or degradation of resources; and continue, sustain, and restore operational capability in an all-hazards physical threat environment at Air Force installations worldwide. While this goal is the same for ANG units they also must be able to utilize assets to assist with local recovery efforts. In some cases they are the main source of security and distribution of basic necessities (i.e. food, water, medical supplies) in their community.

Emergency Management Working Group (EMWG)
The Air Force EM program structure establishes a clear progression of coordination and communication from installation level to MAJCOM level to Air Force level. The Installation EMWG is chaired by the Mission Support Group (MSG) Commander. The chairperson appoints members and establishes working subgroups. The EMWG meets quarterly unless the chairperson requires meetings more frequently.

Table 2.2. Installation EMWG Membership

Mission Support Group Commander (Chair)
Judge Advocate
Air Traffic Control
Logistics Readiness Squadron

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