Topics: Blindness, Braille, Metro Manila Pages: 86 (10063 words) Published: April 8, 2015
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A Feasibility Study Presented
to the Faculty of School of Accountancy and Business
Asia Pacific College

In Partial Fulfilment of
the course requirement in
Management Accounting 3

Submitted by:
Butuan, Kriziana Mae F.
Calapano, Ma. Rosellyn A.
Del Mundo, Giah Davyn G.
Verzosa, Maria Levy I.

Submitted to:
Mr. Rosalino G. Fontanosa

April 15, 2015
Table of Content

A.Business Description10
B.Business Objectives12
A.Service Description14
1.BAFF Matrix15
3.Service Specification17
B.Target Market18
1.Description and Justification18
2.Industry Analysis20
3.Demand Analysis22
C.Trade Requirements25
D.Marketing Objectives and Strategies27
E.Volume Sales Projections32
A.Manpower and Skills Requirement35
B.Organizational Chart39
A.Location and Size40
B.Service Process43
1.Process Description43
2.Process Flowchart45
3.Estimated Operating Capacity46
4.GANTT Chart47
C.Capital Expenditures, Material Requirements, Sources and Estimated Cost49 1.Store Equipment49
2.Office Equipment49
3.Furniture and Fixtures50

4.Leasehold Improvements50
5.Office Supplies50
6.Materials Inventory51
D.Direct Labor Requirements, Utilities, Waste Management51 V.FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY52
A.Total Projected Cost52
1.Capital Expenditures52
2.Pre-Operating Cost52
3.Initial Working Capital53
B.Financial Assumptions53
1.Statement of Financial Position53
2.Statement of Income54
C.Financial Statements56
1.Pre-operating Statement of Financial Position56
2.Pre-operating Statement of Cash Flows57
3.Statement of Financial Position58
4.Statement of Income60
5.Statement of Cash Flow61
D.Financial Ratios and Analysis63
E.Capital Budgeting64
1.Discounted Payback64
2.Net Present Value65
3.Internal Rate of Return65
F.Breakeven Analysis67
G.Supporting Schedules68
1.Canvassing of Store Equipment68
2.Canvassing of Office Equipment68
3.Canvassing of Furniture and Fixtures69
4.Canvassing of Leasehold Improvements69
5.Canvassing of Office Supplies70
6.Canvassing of Materials Inventory70
7.Breakdown of Utilities Consumption71
8.Notes to Statement of Financial Position71
9.Notes to Statement of Income75
A.Contribution to Government Revenues77
B.Contribution to the Growth of Related Industries78
C.Proposed Community-based Programs78
Appendix A. Articles of Partnership81
Appendix B. Proof of Partnership Name in Securities and Exchange Commission84 Appendix C. Order Form for Customer85
Appendix D. Invoice Sample86

List of Figures

Figure I.1: Proposed Name of the Business10
Figure I.2: ANSOFF Matrix12
Figure II.1: Marketing Mix27
Figure II.2: Proposed Place of Business29
Figure II.3: GANTT Chart31
Figure III.1: Organizational Chart39
Figure IV.1: Vicinity Map41
Figure IV.2: Proposed Floor Plan41
Figure IV.3: Different Views of the Proposed Floor Plan42
Figure IV.4: Ordering from Supplier45
Figure IV.5: Customer Ordering Process – Book45
Figure IV.6: Flowchart for Printing of Picture46
Figure IV.7: GANTT Chart for Printing Books47
Figure IV.8: GANTT Chart for Printing Pictures48

List of Tables

Table I.1: Partner’s Capital Contribution11
Table II.1: BAFF Matrix15
Table II.2: NSP-P-USP Model16
Table II.3: Demographics19
Table II.4: Visually Impaired Individuals in Metro Manila by Gender19 Table II.5: Visually Impaired Individuals in Metro Manila by Age Group20 Table II.6: Porter’s Model21
Table II.7: Visually Impaired Individuals in...

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