Filter Tap Water Essay

Pages: 2 (494 words) / Published: Nov 2nd, 2017
Filter tap water is an affordable way of reducing many common water contaminants. This includes things like lead and other byproducts leftover from treatment processes such as chlorine. Doing so is important because over half of the chemical found in your water aren't regulated.

Anyone who's concerned about ingesting these chemicals and picking up their ill health effects should filter their tap water. Setting this up in your home is relatively easy and inexpensive to do thanks to today's technology.

Understanding What a Filtered Tap Is

While you may say that you don't drink tap water, that you buy your own water if you're not careful you may still drink tap water. This is because studies show that 40% of bottled water is nothing
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This knowledge enables you to buy a good faucet and rest assured it works.

Essentially what you have here is a reverse osmosis water system. The way this works is it uses a high-pressure pump to increase the pressure on the salt side. The system uses this salt for purifying your water. Once the system forces the water through the purification process almost all the salt is left and you have purified water.

Studies show that reverse osmosis is actually quite effective. It does a good job of removing dissolved salts, Lead, Mercury, Calcium, Iron, and Asbestos from your water. However, it won't remove pesticides or chlorine. As such you must really consider what you're attempting to purify your water of so you know whether this is the right system for your home. Fortunately, most people have found the 3-way tap works well for their specific needs.

Now that you know more about filter tap water and why you should use it, you really should have it set up in your home. You don't want to continue drinking regular water as the chemicals found in it are unsafe. For instance, getting too much chloride can damage your kidneys. This in and of itself is enough of a reason to get started on setting this process up in your home

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