Film vs. Text

Topics: Odyssey, Iliad, Trojan War Pages: 3 (1077 words) Published: September 14, 2014

Film Vs. Text: A Comparative Analysis of Homer’s Epics as Adapted in a Different Genre

The epics, The Iliad and The Odyssey, are two of the most influential pieces of literature written around 700 B.C., both of which are written by Homer. These books show the paths taken by heroes and how the Gods have mingled with their lives depending to whom they are favored. As a result of the world’s large interest on these pieces of art, a film adaptation of these epics have been produced throughout the years. But turning these epics into film adaptations can cause alterations on the events, leading to misconceptions and confusions about the epic itself. The movie Troy was by far, the closest adaptation of The Iliad. It still portrays the most important parts with only slight alterations. The first thing to be noticed was the absence of the Gods on the film. The Gods portray a great deal on the Iliad for it is with them that the mortals win or lose their battles, according to who the Gods favored. Another difference was between the beginning of the epic poem and the film. The Iliad started on the battle between Chryse, a town allied with Troy, and the Achaeans. Two beautiful maidens were held captive and they were Chryseis and Brysies. In the film Troy, however, it started on the conquering of Thessaly by the Greeks. Nevertheless, both the beginnings of the book and the film implements Achilles’s disdain for Agamemnon. A character which shows another difference between the text and the film was Patroclus. Family ties were given great importance on this film. One man will do anything for his brother’s sake, including putting his own country at stake. It was probably why in the epic, Patroclus is only a beloved friend of Achilles but in the film he was portrayed as a cousin of Achilles. The film showed a family bond between the two to probably justify the violence and disrespect of what Achilles did to Hector as a revenge for Patroclus’s death. The war between the...
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