Film vs Digital Essay

Topics: Camera, Film, Photographic film Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: August 4, 2013
Film vs. Digital
-Joshua Sutherland
Film and digital capture are completely different media. They might be used for similar purposes, but they themselves are completely unrelated to each other. Both film and digital have their strengths and weaknesses but the digital’s strengths seem to outweigh the strengths of film in more ways than one, which makes it the future of the film industry. Digital cameras definitely set the bar high for the industry and it would be exciting to see where it goes. Capture is one of the most important elements in the making of a movie. If the quality isn’t of a high standard, viewers don’t enjoy the movie as much; some don’t even bother to watch it. With the capture, comes a lot of aspects which is vital for the creation and overall effect of the movie, I.e. Emotion. With the quality of the camera being of an incredibly high standard especially in the night, such as the Thompson Viper, the directors could capture the emotion on actor in the night just as if it was day time. This shows that digital cameras can be tweaked up to an immense scale affecting not only the viewers but the entire industry as well. When you look outside at night, you don’t see black; you see all these colours being illuminated from light sources that fills up the entire place with a specific emotion or feeling and digitally was the only way to capture it at that time. The shooting is probably the most important aspect when it comes to film-making. It takes the longest and deserves months of planning and preparation. With film, each take counts. However the cast and crew get a natural break in action after 10 minutes of film time, as they have to reload their film magazine. The advantages in shooting with digital cameras are that if the director wants, he could communicate with the actors, tell them what to do while simultaneously filming. You can also watch what the cinematographers are recording at the same time on a television. That way you could see what...
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