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film vs. digital debate

By hshriver Dec 04, 2013 1140 Words

Keep Film around
Dear Mr. edward,
I understand that you feel digital photography is better than film but have you ever given film a chance. You chose to write an article saying that digital was the only way to go. That film is way behind in times and that no one uses it anymore. But if we all thought like you then maybe this statement would be true. But since we don’t film is still widely used by photographers and we should keep film around.

My name is Amber Dawson. I am a professional photographer and have had great success. Yes of course I use digital as well as film when it comes to photography. I have been a professional photographer for ten years now. First, film has a look to it that digital can never have. Film photographs have a grainy look to them that you sometimes want in your pictures. They give it a nice vintage look. Digital can never have that no matter how many settings your fancy camera has. Black and white photography looks very different. Also, black and white film photography looks more flattering than digital. Digital you just press a button and change it black and white. Film black and white has a very different look. It has what is called a grey scale. Meaning that there are very nice shades of grays and whites and blacks in the photo that make it pop. Do you ever wonder how many students still have film cameras? Next, you would be surprised by how many people still have film cameras and if taught right could learn how to use them. “Some 74% of students owned both film and digital cameras irrespective of a digital or film preference”, states Iain Macdonald. (Macdonald 195) Iain Macdonald did an article on the study of students’ attitudes towards digital and film photography. That there goes to show that not everyone feels film should be thrown out. To continue, film has fewer advantages then digital I will admit. But with properly taken care of negatives and someone who knows how to work in a dark room you can have the best pictures you have ever seen. It shows that you are a better photographer by knowing film and digital. Digital you can cheat the system by editing in Photoshop. But that doesn’t mean much when a high school kid can go in and edit photos the same way you do. With film it takes planning and skill to get a great picture because there is no after editing. So if you have a film shot that turns out fantastic and someone wants it you know that you have done a great job. That’s the great thing about film is that no one except maybe you can recreate that image you took. Which means that photo you took is all 100% yours. That is the best feeling in the world to a great photographer. So you see Mr. Edward it is not all about digital photography. Film should be used more often. It has a feel to it that no digital camera can ever amount to. No matter how much money you have or how expensive the equipment is does not make it better. “It is easy to dismiss the previous technologies and processes that provided yesterday’s creative opportunities”, stated Iain Macdonald. (Macdonald 191) Sincerely, Amber Dawson

Film Lover.

Digital. We need Digital.
Dear Miss Dawson,
Yes I do feel digital photography is way better than film. Your attempts to persuade me otherwise are futile. I feel you are a narrow minded person. Yes I gave film a chance once and had a bad experience with it. I will never try it again. Digital has always come through for me.

I am Frank Edward the greatest digital photographer there has ever been. I have been taking pictures for eight years and have learned quickly the tricks of photography. As you also know I write articles for a very well known newspaper. Once again that is why I am the best at deciding whether or not film is appalling.

First, with digital photos the cost is a lot cheaper in the end because you do not have to buy so much film or any of the chemicals that go with it to create that film. In an article called the “Digital Debate”, Alan S. Orling states that,” Environmentally, it's so much better not to use darkroom chemicals.” (“Digital Debate”) Digital cameras may be more expensive but they have a lot more choices and effects to choose from to get a fantastic photo.

Next, the perks of have a digital camera can be that after you take a picture you can look at it instantly and know whether or not it is a magnificent shot. Also an SD card allows you to have hundreds of pictures on your camera. Also with digital you can download a photo to your computer almost instantly and share it with whomever you like. Digital also gets those photos that look crisper then film photos do.

Also, as for you stating that “Digital photos you can cheat the system by editing in Photoshop. But that doesn’t mean much when a high school kid can go in and edit photos the same way you do.” Well that is not true because obviously I am better and have had more experience than a high school student who doesn’t know what they are doing. Photoshop if used by a professional makes photos unique and better looking than any film photo that I have ever seen.

As well as using Photoshop and being able to edit photos faster if you ever have been on a photography shoot it is much easier to carry around digital equipment than film. One reason being that you have to carry around film and extra film to make sure you have enough film for all your shots. Digital you need an SD card maybe two if you are feeling that photogenic. It is easier to take quicker shots with digital. Film you do not really have very much room for mistakes. So you can see Miss Dawson it is not all about your precious film photography. Digital will always be around because technology rules this era. It will always come down to digital when the question is asked which is better film or digital photography. In the article “Digital Debate”, Alan S. Orling stated, “If you embrace it, digital can free you, reinvigorate you and inspire you.” (“Digital Debate”) Sincerely, Frank Preston

Digital expert.

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