Film Task – a Knights Tale

Topics: Serfdom, Feudalism, We Will Rock You Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: September 4, 2006
A Knights Tale is a useful text in conveying medieval life and society. It displays many aspects of medieval life and society like jousting, the feudal system and living conditions in the middle ages. A Knights Tale also demonstrates a connection between Chaucer's pilgrims and the modern audience.

A Knights Tale display's many different aspects of medieval life and society. It shows the Feudal system with the different people shown from Royalty (the prince), Noblemen (Adamar), lower classes such as laborers and serfs. This displays the different feudal classes of medieval society and how it is difficult to gain ranks in feudal society and you must be born into your class. Chaucer had to forge the documents that prove royalty so William could participate in the jousting competition. This also demonstrates that reading and writing skills were uncommon in this era.

Another aspect of medieval society portrayed in A Knights Tale is Jousting. Jousting was a common sport between the 14th and 16th centuries. It is also correct that in medieval times jousting was restricted to the upper classes of society which is how it was portrayed in the film.

A Knights Tale has several aspects which connect with Chaucer's and his Canterbury Tales. Several characters have resemblance to characters from the Canterbury tales are featured in A Knights Tale. Knight – The Main Character, Pardoner – Betts with Chaucer, Squire – William was a squire before he attained his other identity.

Some of the music of A Knights Tale is contemporary rock music, while other parts of the soundtrack feature classical music. This appeals to a modern audience whilst keeping an aspect of authenticity in the soundtrack. The modern rock music is played in parts of the movie which is suspenseful like when Ulric is approaching the stadium with all the people clapping to the song "We Will Rock You" which is a modern sporting anthem. Other parts of the movie that feature classical music includes the...
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