Film Review Romeo and Juliet

Topics: Leonardo DiCaprio, Romeo and Juliet, Romeo + Juliet Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: September 29, 2010
Romeo and Juliet. Another waste of my time or not?

When hearing about the new modern day Romeo and Juliet my heart sank thinking about another boring old fashioned love story that has a reasonably unhappy ending (not something you want to waste 2 hours of your life on). But amazingly, when seeing the new trailer, I automatically got drawn in on this new phenomenon – shocking, I know.

The way the writer portrays the trailer is that it’s going to be an action packed, romantic disaster film, which only great directors are able to achieve. The soft heavenly music sets the scene as the main characters are slowly blended into the atmosphere, giving you a sense of another epic romance. Then strikes a loud eerie scream that most certainly changes the atmosphere of the film.

Suddenly, the trailer seems to kick into life, as guns are shot off, fires are ablaze, as the helicopter sores over ’fair’ Verona, giving you the idea that this is no ordinary film but an epic tale of, how the writer described it as, ‘star-crossed lovers’.

This film brings modern day society with old-fashioned language which although may not appeal to some people, I believe helps you not to forget about the original film which I think is Baz Luhrmanns idea.

With the great Leonardo Di Caprio taking up on of the main characters in the film certainly adds to the atmosphere. The great fight scenes are all included in this trailer, and it virtually tells you the story and what’s going to happen before hand, but not knowing the outcome of the film certainly plays on your mind. To add, all the main quotes are included which again adds to the immense atmosphere.

These star-crossed lovers are separated through a ancient grudge, which unfortunately we are never told about. The impressive use of guns at the appropriate times adds shock, surprise and sheer danger to the film. The camera shots that are used certainly capture the purpose of the film, as close ups of weapons and fearful faces are...
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