Film Review: Edward Scissorhands

Topics: Discrimination, Edward Scissorhands, Avon Products Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: February 21, 2007
Edward Scissorhands is not simply a fairy tale. It does not have a happy ending. Edward had to stay in the Gothic castle for the rest of his life because he could no longer stay in the community. We feel pity for him as he was created by an inventor who died before he could give him a pair of human hands. He had been left in the castle alone on his own for a long time before the Avon lady brought him in her family. He was actually a gentle and vulnerable creature at his heart. He never intended to hurt anybody. However, he cannot fit in the community, despite the great effort made by the Avon lady.

Edward's skill with topiary sculpture and hair design made him popular in the neighborhood - but the mood turned just as swiftly against the outsider when he started to feel his own desires, particularly for the Avon lady¡¦s daughter Kim. He could not take his eyes off her, for she looked so pure and beautiful. Unfortunately, an evil character, Kim¡¦s boyfriend Jim acted as an obstacle between Kim and Edward. He even tempted Edward to go to break into his wealthy father¡¦s house. Edward was caught red-handed. Started from that day, his reputation started to go down and down. The slut Joyce accused him of trying to rape her. Kim¡¦s boyfriend was jealous because Kim left him and stayed with Edward. At the same time, Edward accidentally hurt Kim¡¦s brother and the whole community banished him. All the people wanted to hunt him down. It was sad because the people actually discriminated against Edward. As Edward had a pair of razor-sharp hands, they blamed him for risking their lives. In fact, Edward was a kind and childlike ¡§person¡¨, but because of his scissorhands, people only used him of his skills with topiary sculpture and hair design but failed to trust and respect him.

Race and ethnicity carry symbolical meaning in the movie. At first the women in the community spread the news about Edward being the strange new visitor by calling each other up to discuss...
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