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Topics: Titanic, Atlantic Ocean, Leonardo DiCaprio Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: February 24, 2014

Titanic is James Cameron’s two hundred million dollar film portraying the real tragic voyage of the Titanic passenger liner as it sunk in the North Atlantic ocean during the April of 1912. The film is one hundred and ninety four minutes long which- fascinating factoid- is longer than the journey of the Titanic. Oh the bitter irony. You have to admit, Cameron is pretty gutsy to just assume people will watch his three-hour movie despite knowing EXACTLY what happens in the end. If you don’t know then spoiler alert: it sank! And they said it was the “greatest ship in the world, shocking right? Why do I like it? Well movies like this are not only arduous to create, but almost impossible to create well, yet Titanic is flawlessly crafted, perceptively composed, beautifully acted and overall utterly enchanting. The technical difficulties are so daunting that it remains a mystery as to how the filmmakers were also able to incorporate history and drama alike into the performance and I found myself both convinced and enthralled by the screenplay…is what I would say if I were asked that question by my English teacher. In all honesty I don’t remember the specific details of watching Titanic at the cinema in 1997-mostly because I wasn’t born- but when I did watch it for the first time in 2009 (aged 11) , I was absolutely enthralled…by Leonardo DiCaprio. This Thursday is the release of Titanic 3D, so in commemoration of the original 2D version, I took it upon myself to re-watch it and relive some of the ‘magic’ I experienced back when I was eleven. However, now that I am fifteen, I have quickly developed two massive fears: the first, boy trouble, and the second, drowning in the Atlantic Ocean. So I think we can all safely assume that I really loved that movie. A lot. Thankfully, this time round I was prepared to switch off the TV right before that whole disturbing iceberg scene (which lasted five minutes) as well as skillfully evading the two minute “she’s...
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